Pond or Pondless Water Feature: Which is Better?

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No. Pond or pondless, what really matters is what you want in and from a water feature. Each has its own set of benefits, such as lower maintenance or the ability to add fish. Whichever you choose, you can bring life and excitement to your backyard with an ecosystem pond!

This video goes over the differences so you can decide which one you like better:

Why Choose A Pond?

What is Premier’s definition of a pond? A pond usually consists of a waterfall or a stream cascading into a larger body of water. The average backyard pond is 10’ x 15’ with a plant shelf going around the inside of the pond. You can also have fish with your aquatic plants, bringing the whole ecosystem into equilibrium. Our ponds also come with bio-falls and a skimmer unit, two important parts for keeping your pond low-maintenance. An ecosystem pond is made of many components that contribute to keeping it low-maintenance and beautiful. Keep reading to learn about pondless water features.

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Koi fish hiding in pond, can't be seen

Why Choose A Pondless Water Feature?

Get some of the enjoyment a pond can bring, but with less work. A pondless water feature contains a waterfall or a stream but, instead of a pond, you’ll see a water basin with gravel and a shallow, 6″ pool of water. Some homeowners don’t want any standing water. If this sounds like you, you can have the water flow directly into the gravel with no visible pool at all. Pondless water features can add to your home and life in many ways. Read on to learn how to choose between pond or pondless.

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Many tier pondless waterfall spilling down rocks

How Do You Choose?

Ponds are more work and more play. If your pond is at least 18″ deep, you can add in a certain amount of fish. Ponds also have more room, which means you can add in more aquatic plants. You will want to have a good amount of space if you’re installing a pond. With the average-size pond being 10′ x 15′, it’s best to have more than that available so people can walk around your pond. Don’t worry about people falling in, you can make your pond safe for anyone. It may be more to maintain, but you can get more varieties of enjoyment from a backyard pond! Now let’s go over pondless water features.

Maintenance of pondless water features is a lot easier than with a pond. Since there are no fish and few to no plants, you can use chlorine tablets to filter the water without harming anything. Chlorine can help prevent algae and make the water clearer than a pool. If you don’t want to use chlorine, try installing an IonGen G2 for algae control. Pondless water features are a popular choice when trying to save space.

Beautiful advanced pond with a small waterfall, fish, and a variety of aquatic plants
Pondless waterfall

In Other Words:

  • Ponds are great if you have plenty of space, you want to enjoy the beauty of fish and plants, and you don’t mind a little extra upkeep.
  • Pondless is the way to go if you want the beautiful sights and sounds of water without the fish or plants, or you don’t have space for a pond

Pond or Pondless: The Choice is Yours

You can have it your way, no matter which you choose. Pondless water features can fit in large yards just as ponds can be made to fit small spaces. You can even have both if you want! While you’re at it, why not look at ponds with some LED lighting, allowing homeowners to enjoy their water feature into the night.

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