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Winter Is Coming…Prepare Your Pond With Winter Pond Maintenance For Your Maryland, Washington DC, or Northern Virginia Home

Ponds don’t do well in the cold! Sign up for winter pond maintenance with Premier Ponds of Maryland and prepare your pond for freezing temperatures.

Water features love the cold if they go through winter pond maintenance. The fish and plants are hibernating, everything is clean and clear of waste, and your pond might look like an ice skating rink for leprechauns. If you have a waterfall and it freezes over, you’ll have an amazing ice sculpture too! But you’ll want to prepare your pond. Keep reading to find out why!

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Winter Pond Maintenance for the Coming Ice Age

It’s not like cavemen and wooly mammoth level ice age, but your pond can freeze over. If you have fish, this can be bad if you don’t make preparations. The icy layer prevents gases and waste from escaping the pond, trapping them with your fish, which can cause them to become ill. Winter pond maintenance comes with either a de-icing agent or moving your aerator closer to the surface.

Remove and Clean for Winter Pond Maintenance

Remember the netting you put in as part of fall maintenance services? Well, it’s time to take it and all the leaves and debris it caught out of your water feature. It’s also nice to have one last cleaning before winter sets in. This can ensure an easier spring maintenance due to your pond not being as full of waste as it could be. A little maintenance now can lower your maintenance for the spring.

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Winter Maintenance Is Like A Jacket

Winter pond maintenance services are like a jacket for your pond. They can keep it cozy and safe from the elements. Of course, these services are more than a jacket because they also help your pond get clean and clear, preparing it for what’s essentially hibernation. Just like bears, ponds need to prepare for a long winter of sleeping. Watch this short video on readying your pond for the coming winter:

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