Summer Pond Maintenance

//Summer Pond Maintenance
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Summer Pond Maintenance for Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia

Pond Filter Cleaning For Summer

Ponds are living ecosystems and with that, there needs to be a bit of maintenance done in between the Spring and Fall cleaning. While some ponds need a full cleaning, many only need to have their filters cleaned.

 How To Identify If Your Pond Needs Its Filters Cleaned

  • The waterfall on your pond starts to slow down around the end of June
  • Your water a bit dirtier than it was a month or two ago
  • Some of the plant stalks have fallen over

While there are more examples (since each pond has a unique sense to it), these tend to be the most common.

Our Summer Pond Maintenance Includes:

  1. Cleaning all filters, skimmers and biofalls
  2. Trimming any dead plant material
  3. Lightly pressure washing the waterfall.
  4. Application of any client provided chemicals (Bacteria, SAB, Ecoblast)
  5. Install Tropical Plant Packages (by special request)