Spring Pond Maintenance

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Spring Pond Maintenance

For Your Maryland, DC, or Northern Virginia Water Feature

Spring Pond Cleaning and other yearly pond maintenance is crucial to the health and beauty of your DC, Maryland, and Virginia backyard pond.

It’s a necessity. Spring pond maintenance that is. It’s a much-needed service after a long, cold northeastern winter. A spring cleaning will ensure your ecosystem pond’s healthy and looks great for the warm summer months.

Premier offers two levels of spring pond maintenance: A full pond cleaning and a partial pond cleaning.

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The Full Pond Cleaning

The whole experience can be broken down into 10 steps:

  1. Draining the pond down to 6″
  2. Removing the fish and placing them in large containers with original pond water
  3. Draining the remaining water and power washing the pond, stream, and waterfall
  4. Removing debris from the pond bottom
  5. Cleaning all filter pads, bioballs, biofall unit, skimmer, and pump as needed
  6. Cleaning and inspecting all light lenses
  7. Making minor adjustments to rocks if needed
  8. Trimming off dead plant material (fertilizing / repotting plants upon request)
  9. Adding a dechlorinator if needed and refilling the pond
  10. Re-introducing the fish into the pond

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Partial Pond Cleaning

Also known as a filter cleaning, it only has 4 steps:

  1. Removing and cleaning all filter pads, bioballs, and nets or baskets
  2. Completely draining and vacuuming the biofalls
  3. Re-installing everything and restarting the pond
  4. Installation of activated carbon and barley bails (additional fee)

Full or partial, a spring pond cleaning will restart your pond and have it looking amazing. Then you can enjoy it for the rest of the year!

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Restore Your Pond

Premier Ponds has cleaned and restores thousands of ponds since 2001. We have the crew, tools, and experience to get your pond looking like new! Just fill out our contact form or give us a call at (301) 821-7777 with any questions or to talk about a project.

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