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Restore Your Pond With Spring Pond Maintenance For Your Maryland, Washington DC, or Northern Virginia Home

Breathe new life back into your pond! Sign up for spring pond maintenance with Premier Ponds of Maryland and ready your pond for the season.

If your car is dirty and needs an oil change, you’re not going to drive it around, are you? Ponds are the same way but without the oil. The longer your pond is left without maintenance, the worse it will become. There can be an algae infestation, the filters may not be working properly, the aquatic plants could need repotting, or any number of other problems. Solve this problem now with spring pond maintenance! The end result will be your pond back to its former glory. This means clear water, working filters, proper plant amount, and any other fixes.

Pond maintenance is also a perfect opportunity to make any changes to your pond! Add some lighting to your water feature, put in more filters, or install a stream or waterfall, whatever add-ons you want. You can also take away from it, such as by transforming it into a pondless water feature. For now, let’s go into why you may need spring pond maintenance:

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Beautiful, clean pond after spring pond maintenance

Spring Pond Maintenance for Dirty Ponds

After winter, ponds can have an unpleasant odor, murky water, be full of debris, and be dirty in general. This makes it hard to see your fish, submerged plants, and can make it hard for aquatic life to thrive. Mucky ponds can throw off the entire pond ecosystem, and an off-balance ecosystem can’t flourish. Your pond becomes worse and less enjoyable the longer it stays like this. You can fix that with spring pond maintenance! Clear the water and the air and get back the pond you remember.

Algae taking over a pond

Fight Algae with Spring Pond Maintenance

Spring is around the corner and your pond is turning into an algae pit. The algae need to be taken under control before it takes control of your pond. A spring pond cleaning can remove the debris and sludge from your pond, minimize algae, and get your pond back to its original state in no time! Completely removing algae from the pond ecosystem isn’t good though. Some algae need to be present to filter your pond, aerate it, and feed the fish. Act now to clear your pond of an algae infestation.

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The Two Levels of Spring Pond Maintenance

Not every pond, or every area, is the same. Some ponds will need a lot more work than others to get it clean and operational again. Others may only need a filter cleaning. This is why Premier Ponds offers two levels of spring pond maintenance: a full or a partial pond cleaning. This is the best way to get your pond clean, clear, and ready for summer soirees! If you want more information on the process, check out our spring pond cleaning guide. For now, watch this spring pond maintenance and cleaning video:

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