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Fall Pond Maintenance Services for Maryland, Washington DC & Northern Virginia

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Fall pond maintenance is an important step in maintaining the ecosystem of your pond. It’s also a must if you’d like to keep the aesthetics up! Most of our clients here at Premier Ponds get their ponds maintained twice a year, but at least once is recommended.

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Fall water feature cleanings are a bit different than how we operate the spring time cleanings. The reason for this is because of those leaves changing! For as beautiful as the changing of the seasons are with all those colors, it’s not necessarily conducive to your pond.

Want to learn more about our most popular option, the Exploratory Pond Cleaning?

Our Fall Pond Maintenance Service Includes:

  1. Full pond cleaning (See Spring Pond Cleaning description)
    • This is obviously the ideal situation. Heading into the winter, if there are leaves/debris stuck in the bottom of your pond, they’re there for the long haul if your feature freezes over!
  2. Partial pond cleaning (See Spring description)
    • This partial cleaning consists of cleaning out your filters. Similar to your HVAC system needing it’s filters cleaned so you can breathe clean air, this is what this does for your Koi Fish.
  3. Pond netting (see below)
  4. Plant dividing / repotting (see below)
    • This is pretty imperative to your plants living the longest life they can live!

Fall Pond Netting

To help combat some of the leaves and debris from falling into your pond, we suggest one item that will help immensely; a net!

Aquatic Plant Division / Repotting

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