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Prepare Your Pond With Fall Pond Maintenance Services For Your Maryland, Washington DC, or Northern Virginia Home

Fall can be a tough time for ponds! Sign up for fall pond maintenance service with Premier Ponds of Maryland and protect your pond.

If you think raking leaves out of your yard is a pain, imagine doing it in your pond. Leaves and debris floating on top or sinking to the bottom, filters and skimmers slowly clogging up, and your aquatic plants trying to take over the whole pond. It can get messy quickly. You can easily counter this with fall pond maintenance services! It’s an important step in balancing the ecosystem of your pond and a must if you’d like to keep the aesthetics up! Fall water feature cleanings are a bit different than the spring ones. The reason for this is because of those leaves turning colors and falling everywhere. For as beautiful as the changing of the seasons are with all those colors, it’s not the best for your pond. Read on to see why ponds need fall maintenance services:

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A pond that has fall maintenance services with a waterfall, aquatic plants, and two small kids playing by it

Preparing For Winter

Much like spring maintenance services, but with a few differences in preparation. Full or partial fall servicing can help keep and remove leaves and debris from the bottom of your pond, unclog waste from the pumps and filters, and ready your pond inhabitants for the winter months. Keep your pond from becoming like a cesspool by protecting it with fall pond maintenance services.

Fall pond maintenance services including a net to keep leaves and debris out of the pond

Leaves Congesting Your Pond

There can be so many leaves in your pond someone could mistake it for a leaf pile. Imagine jumping on it only to find out it’s actually a pond. To help combat some of the leaves and debris from falling into your pond, try installing a net! It’ll catch leaves like an MLB catcher catches fastballs. It’s a routine part of fall pond maintenance services because then you can better enjoy your water feature.

Skimmer components before Koi Pond cleaning

Filters and Pumps Clogging

Cleaning sink and shower drains isn’t fun, so imagine cleaning out your pond skimmer and filter after winter. It can look like fall is still in full effect in there. Like an HVAC needs cleaning so you can breathe clean air, fish need these clear so they can breathe. You can protect your fish and your pond over the winter with fall pond maintenance services. Watch the video at the end to see it in action!

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Falling for Fall Pond Maintenance Services

Your pond will love you for its fall upkeep! It’s like getting a car detailing where afterward everything is clean, shiny, and has protection from the elements. Well, a pond netting can last longer than the car cleaning protection. If you want to know more about fall pond maintenance services, you can watch this video on Cleaning A Koi Pond In 10 Steps:

Take A Look At Some Water Features and Hardscapes