Quarterly Pond Maintenance Service

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Quarterly Pond Maintenance Service For Your Maryland, Washington DC, or Northern Virginia Home

Keep your pond looking its best! You can get quarterly pond maintenance service with Premier Ponds of Maryland to keep your pond in its prime all year long.

What happens when you don’t perform regular upkeep on, well, anything? Ponds are the same way. You’ve seen it during the summer months especially when waterfalls slow down, plants start to wilt, or your water may be dirtier than usual. These and other problems tend to pop up at regular times for pond owners. You can prevent these problems with a quarterly pond maintenance service! Keep your pond looking perfect with these bits of maintenance:

a garden with rocks and flowers and a stream.

Cleaning Filters, Skimmers, and Biofalls

These pond parts catch debris and waste like an MLB catcher. Both of them get dirty and need cleaning too. If left without maintenance, skimmers become full, filters stop filtering, and your pond can become dirty and uninhabitable. Keep your pond looking premier with regular pond maintenance servicing! Your water can be crystal clear, allowing you to enjoy your fish, plants, and pond ecosystem.

a potted plant sitting on top of a small waterfall.

Adding Water Treatments

Like with the human body, ponds need the correct pH balance. If it’s outside the norm it can damage your water, plants, and possibly hurt your fish too. Don’t let this happen. A quarterly pond maintenance service can ensure your pond is stable and fit for fish and other wildlife. The best part is, you don’t need chemicals like chlorine! There are more natural ways to clean pond water, like with the IonGen system.

a pond filled with lots of water next to a lush green forest.

Caring for Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants can easily take over a pond. They start looking disorderly, block off the water, and they can start dying or killing other plants around them. You can keep your aquatic plants in check with routine pond maintenance! Some of the tasks can be trimming dead plant material, dividing or repotting, or replacing any that are too far gone. Maintain a healthy water garden so you can enjoy your backyard.

An Ongoing Pond Maintenance Service

Do you want the best for your pond? Continuous maintenance is the best way to keep your pond amazing throughout the year! Pond owners typically maintain their ponds once per season, so about four times a year. This can make sure your pond is clean, clear, well-kept, and works well. Watch this video on a pond cleaning in Gaithersburg, MD: