Pond Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Give Your Pond That Makeover You Deserve

1,000+ ponds constructed and repaired and 5,000+ ponds cleaned in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia since 2001

Beautifully maintained pond

Pond cleaning and maintenance is designed to help you do one thing:

Enjoy your water feature more!


  • Clean water so crystal clear you can see all of your pond
  • Neatly trimmed plants and no debris anywhere for a fresh look
  • Everything unclogged and working smoothly so your pond stays a paradise

You may soon find yourself outside with loved ones enjoying your pristine oasis more.

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Your Pond Deserves To Look Its Best

a pond filled with lots of green algae.

Before Spring Cleaning

a pond filled with lots of water and lots of fish.

A Few Weeks After Spring Cleaning

Family gathering around a pond

Exact Same Pond As Above

You’re not just cleaning your pond, you’re turning your yard into a destination.

While cleaning a pond may be an end goal, think about the real benefit. The benefit of getting your backyard ready to be enjoyed all year long.

Think about how you feel when you sit next to your pond. Is it excitement? Or maybe its frustration.

If it is anything but bliss, it may not be worth having.

Especially if you’re big on spending time around your yard.

Learn What’s Included In Your Pond Cleaning

A Thorough Approach To Cleaning

the ultimate guide to fall pond cleaning.

Want To Learn More About Pond Maintenance?

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Spend Your Time How You Want To

1. Let’s discuss how you want to rejuvenate your pond

2. We’ll arrive on the day we decided upon and revive your feature

3. Spend time outside enjoying your pond paradise

Your Pond Should Bring Your Back Outside

And It All Starts…

a small pond surrounded by rocks and plants.

…With A Clean Pond

a small pond surrounded by rocks in a park.

First Time Cleaning For Your Water Feature?

Commonly Asked Questions

The average cost to clean your pond in the spring is $1200.

All ponds start at $990 (even the small ones).

The average pond takes between 3-4 hours.

We Strive For Happiness


An Amazing 10 Year Partnership In Lutherville, MD

Facebook Reviews

“Premier Ponds is an amazing company! They created a beautiful pond-less waterfall oasis in our backyard, and they have been maintaining it for the past 10 years…Can’t say enough good things about them!!!”

Melissa Kaplan


It’s Worth The Money, Laurel, MD

Houzz Reviews

“…We also use them 2 times a year to maintain the pond and keep it healthy for our Koi…I can not say enough positive about this company. Well worth the money spent !!! They are true professionals!”