What’s Pond Beneficial Bacteria?

/What’s Pond Beneficial Bacteria?

Is Bacteria Beneficial?

Ew, that water has bacteria in it. Bacterial infections are the worst. Bacteria gets such a bad rap when really they can be good or bad. They’re everywhere, inside and out.

Even in your pond.

Ponds benefit greatly from bacteria. Ponds give bacteria a place to live and bacteria keep ponds clear of algae and toxic compounds. It’s like sea anemones and clownfish (Finding Nemo)! They’re necessary for a healthy pond ecosystem.

Read on to find out more!

What’re Beneficial Bacteria?

Will they help my pond? Yes, by breaking down the sludge and waste that’s gathered in the pond. This means waste from plants, animals, and everything else that produces waste. They also keep your fish safe and healthy.

How do they protect fish?

Breaking down nitrates. Nitrates are dangerous in high concentrations, and can even end up killing fish. If the fish are staying near the surface and look like they’re gasping, something’s probably wrong with the water. Too much nitrate means too little oxygen, so it’s a good idea to check on your fish periodically. Aquatic plants can deal with some of the nitrates, but they can’t handle it alone.

Ponds need beneficial bacteria, read on to find out if you need more.

Do I Need Beneficial Bacteria?

There are two main ways to figure out if bacteria will need to be added. The first way is to test the water with an easily purchasable kit. It can teach you about the quality of the water. You can also watch your fish. As mentioned earlier, if they’re staying near the surface and look like they’re gasping, your water needs help.

This is how you’ll get help.

If I Need Bacteria


There’re different types of beneficial bacteria that can be put in a pond. Make sure it’s meant for ponds, as septic tanks also require bacteria, and mixing those two up isn’t good.

Here at Premier Ponds, we use Aquascape’s product. The beneficial bacteria colonize on the rocks in the pond and in the biofall-balls in the biological filter.  Add bacteria regularly to your pond to help maintain a strong biological balance.

Anything Else?

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