Patio and Fire Pit in Frederick, MD

Evolution of the fire pit idea

About three years ago, we built a pond and a patio for a homeowner. They loved the pond so much that they want to increase the amount of exposure that it gets.

And how did they do this? They built a patio and a fire pit next to it, of course.
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Why rehire Premier to do it?

Probably the biggest benefit to having Premier Ponds continue to enhance their backyard is for the consistency of work. The same guys that built the pond are the ones that came in to build the fire pit and patio. So they know what rock was used, what stone yard it came from, and how to stack it the same way. This way it looks like the patio and fire pit were built at the same time as the pond.

How was it built?

Pond and Firepit in Frederick, MD1- before installation
The homeowner went for the more informal look of the patio. This means that instead of the stone lining up perfectly, they look a bit more mismatched. The patio was built after the initial drystack of rocks were laid down. It was built a little away from the pond so that, if desired, more plants can be put in.
Pond and Firepit in Frederick, MD3- during construction
The surrounding area of the pond is already pretty vegetated, so we figured we would give them the option to continue that. Once the patio was laid, the polymeric sand was set. This was to help keep the patio a little more in place, and continues the wrap from the pond.
The remainder of the fire pit was then constructed once the stone around the pit was set. The actual fire pit was sunk down a bit below the patio so that less wood will stick out over the top of the rocks, reducing ash on the patio. The rocks making up the fire pit are held together with mortar to keep it structurally sound.
Pond and Firepit in Frederick, MD- nearly finished!
The final touches to the patio/fire pit combo are a few steps that lead from the patio to the yard. A bit of mulching and clean up and Premier Ponds is out!
Pond and Firepit Frederick Maryland- a beautiful finish
If you want something like this in your backyard, we can make that a reality!
Premier Ponds, based in Burtonsville, Maryland, provides pond contractor services for hundreds of ponds and water gardens each year in towns like Frederick & throughout the Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia area.