Outdoor Fountains and Urns

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Backyard Water Fountain Features

Fountainscapes are a great way to get your feet wet in the water gardening lifestyle. These small decorative water fountain features can be installed in just a few hours and will add beautiful sights and sounds to your outdoor living space.

Fountains, or fountainscapes, are smaller decorative water features such as basalt columns, bubbling urns, or any type of spitting fountain where the water recirculates from a pump at the bottom of a reservoir which is usually buried underground.


Fountainscapes are great for small spaces or if you don’t want a pond. They add that perfect sight and sound for that corner of your patio or by greeting visitors at your front door. They don’t just add beauty either, they give kids a fun way to learn about nature and make a great starter “pond” for any young child interested in water. Fountains and fountainscapes are a great place to start your water gardening hobby.

a series of photos showing a garden with a fountain.

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