Outdoor Walkway Lighting Ideas For Beauty And Safety

Outdoor Walkway Lighting Ideas For Beauty And Safety

Create A Beautiful Landscape That Guides Guests To And Around Your Home In Maryland, DC, And Northern Virginia

You have just found some amazing outdoor walkway lighting ideas with pictures! You can use above-ground lights like bollard lights, recessed lights, moon lighting, and more. With walkway lights, you can create a beautiful landscape that’s safer for guests and yourself to use. See what they can do for your yard by reading on.

a woman in a black dress is walking down a path.

Like Walking With A Blindfold On


Melissa freezes as she feels the crunch under her foot. Her hands curl into fists, her mouth becomes a thin line, and her forehead wrinkles into a frown. She pulls out her phone and turns on the flashlight, revealing what was once a beautiful patch of mums as a now crushed pile of plants beside the walkway. 

It’s dark so Melissa could barely see the path. To her, the mums just came out of nowhere and ended up like this. 

This is the final straw. 

Melissa is tired of not being able to see the walkways leading to her front door or where she’s stepping when she’s in the backyard. It’s hard enough for her but for guests who don’t know or remember where to step…

a couple of lights that are on some bushes.

So she’s going to get outdoor walkway lights.

Melissa marches inside and goes straight to her computer and thinks about what to search Google for. She ends up typing in ‘outdoor walkway lighting ideas’ so she can start learning how to design outdoor lighting for her home.

1. Garden And Outdoor Walkway Lighting

This may be Melissa’s favorite and it’s the first idea she has seen:

They are placing garden lights so some of their light spills onto the walkway too. She smiles as she thinks about placing them near her mums. With lighting there, they won’t get stepped on anymore and she can see them when she’s walking inside.

Melissa also finds an idea for using bollard lights to line pathways:

a house with a pathway lit up at night.

These ideas are a win-win for Melissa.

But she keeps looking for ideas because stopping after the first one just doesn’t feel right to her.

2. Light From Above

Melissa likes what she sees so far. With the tall trees in her backyard she could definitely use this outdoor walkway lighting idea.

Lights from above shine downward, filtering through the leaves and branches much like moonlight.


a patio with a brick walkway and a metal fence at night.
the shadows of trees cast on the ground.

This would brighten a larger area which would be nicer for guests. They would be able to walk around and see her beautiful plants. It would also look like there’s a full moon above her home any night she wants.

Melissa likes the sound of that but she still wants more than just 2 ideas.

3. Recessed Outdoor Walkway Lighting

Melissa thinks this lighting idea for outdoor walkways looks nice and fancy:

The recessed (in-ground) lights shoot upwards, creating pillars of light that can line Melissa’s walkways.

Besides this Roman pillar-lined walkway look, these lights have another great quality: people can’t trip over them and these lights can’t fall over.

After finding these 3 ideas Melissa realizes she is in a spot of trouble…

The Choice Is Yours

She can’t decide which one she really wants.

Melissa sighs out her slight frustration and focuses on which would be best for her home. She will think about it until her husband gets home and see what he thinks.

Until then, maybe she’ll look for an outdoor lighting contractor and get an estimate.


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