Outdoor Lighting Trends For A New And Exciting Look In 2020

Outdoor Lighting Trends For A New And Exciting Look In 2020

Bring A New Look To Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Home
a house with a lot of trees in front of it.

You can use these outdoor lighting trends to give your home a fresh new look for 2020. Some of them don’t even involve a lighting design! Some of these new trends involve color-changing bulbs, LED bulbs, smaller fixtures, and more…

Read on to find out what they are.

It’s That Time Again!

Rose sits down at her computer with a wide smile on her face because it’s time again.

The new year is here and she’s ready to create a new look for her yard. But she isn’t thinking about new plants or some new feature.

a garden with a tree and some flowers.

1. Phone Control For Outdoor Lighting Trends

Wait, controlling your lights with your phone is an outdoor lighting trend?

a smart phone sitting next to a light bulb.

It is when Rose can use her phone to optimize and control different parts of her landscape lighting! She can use this automated light logic system from her phone, tablet, or computer anywhere in the world to control most of the outdoor lighting trends further down this post.

This includes light timers and even controlling which areas turn on and which don’t. It also automatically knows when the sun sets and rises so you never have to worry about your timer being out of sync.

a cell phone and sunglasses on a table.

This will give Rose much more control over the look and style of her outdoor lighting, plus it’ll be much easier than messing with a transformer or changing bulbs.

Speaking of bulbs, the next trend has something to do with them…

2. Lighting Entryways And The House Front

Several of Rose’s friends and neighbors are talking about lighting their entryways and house fronts:

a house with a lit tree in front of it.

People are requesting subtle lighting for their front yards. They want it to look nice but not too bright because then it can look more like a lightshow than outdoor lighting. It’s a combination of looking good and increasing the feeling of security.

Rose already has hers done and it’s about time other people start doing it too. It’s nice walking up to a house that looks bright and warm. She always gets complements on it so she tells other people they should do it too.

She can use the next outdoor lighting trend with her front or backyard lights.

3. Color Changing LED Bulbs

Rose can change the color of her lights using her phone.

a tree with lights hanging from it's branches.

That means when the Baltimore Ravens are playing Jack can make the lights purple and gold (black isn’t really an option, sadly). They can also change the colors to match the season or event. You can also have this outdoor lighting trend in your water feature!

Color changing also means brightness. Rose can make the lights dimmer for a more relaxing atmosphere or brighter for a more social one.

The LED part of these bulbs is important too. LEDs shine better, use less energy, and last a lot longer than other bulbs. There are many reasons LEDs beat halogen and other bulbs.

But new bulbs aren’t the only outdoor lighting trend Rose has in mind.

4. Smaller/Hidden Fixtures

What do you want to see: the fixture or the lighting effect?

a garden with a tree and a bench at night.

Rose likes the light better than the fixture, which is great because smaller and more hidden fixtures are an up-and-coming outdoor lighting trend for 2020.

She and others will see the light and what it’s highlighting more instead of also seeing the fixture.

Now To Make It Happen!

Rose can feel her excitement rising as Jack walks in the door. She can’t wait to share her new outdoor lighting trend ideas with him and see what he says.

He might even agree to hire a lighting contractor to do the work.


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