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New Koi Pond Construction Can Add Value and Interest to Your Maryland, Washington DC, or Northern Virginia Home

Bring your backyard to life with a new water feature! Install a custom pond, fountain, waterfall, or water garden with Premier Ponds of Maryland.

Are you considering adding a water feature to your outdoor living space? Our ecosystem koi ponds are self-sustaining and require little maintenance while providing many years of enjoyment for your family. The Maryland area is a perfect place to enjoy a water feature for part of or all year around! Now you can even enjoy them at night with LED lighting!

There are several types of water features to choose from depending on your needs and taste. So if you don’t want a koi pond you can get a pondless water feature or a pond that’s less deep. The typical installation can be done in a few days, check out the video at the bottom to see our pond construction process. It may take a few days to build, but these ponds can last for years. The best part about installing a koi pond is you’re bringing benefits to your home! Read on to learn what they are.

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Family time spent around the new pond

Koi Ponds Can Increase Family Quality Time!

Connect with your family in a new way! Imagine allowing the time to slip away from you and your family as you feed koi fish and enjoy the sounds of your gentle waterfall. Water is life and nothing connects us to one another and nature like a low maintenance water feature. Create wonderful memories together around your new backyard koi pond.

reduce stress and improve health with a backyard pond

Install A Koi Pond To Reduce Stress & Improve Health!

It’s a win-win! You can expect an ecosystem pond to dramatically enhance your home’s appearance. Don’t be surprised if your new koi pond becomes the envy of the neighborhood. You can also expect some great health benefits from Mother Nature as well. The sights and sounds of a water feature are sure to lower your stress levels and get you outside into the sunlight and fresh air.

New pond construction can protect the environment and give you a new hobby, like this amazing ecosystem pond in Burtsonville does

New Pond Construction Can Protect the Environment!

We love nature and see value in doing what we can to protect the local environment and wildlife. Your koi pond can become a safe haven for birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and other wildlife. You may be thinking mosquitos are wildlife too, what about them? Mosquitos don’t like backyard ponds, find out why and the answers to other questions. Add a splash of nature back into the world.

ecosystem pond with a cascading waterfall in front of a white house

Koi Pond Construction Can Provide A New Hobby!

It’s boring doing the same old thing every day, like watching tv. Even with a thousand channels, there can still be nothing good on. Wouldn’t it be nice to get yourself and the kids away from a screen for a while? Installing a backyard koi pond can accomplish this by introducing you to the water gardening lifestyle! Provide a fun hobby for you and the entire family. Create memories through meaningful experiences like feeding fish and enjoying nature.

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The Best Part About A Koi Pond Is…

Ecosystem ponds are like cats- low maintenance. You can enjoy them because, outside of some occasional maintenance, they mostly take care of themselves. This means more time enjoying your koi pond instead of working on it, the most of which happens during the building stage. Afterward, they only need maintenance every so often. See the new pond construction process for yourself with this backyard transformation in Frederick, Maryland below:

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