My Cat Loves His Pond

/My Cat Loves His Pond

So you think that only people enjoy ponds? Well I have some news for you. There a crazy cat in Frederick, Maryland that absolutely loves the backyard pond so much he thinks it’s his own. If he had his way he’d be out there pondside all the time watching and batting at the colorful fish.

Sometimes he sits on the stepper edge and watches the aquatic creatures as they glide back and forth through the water. When he sees his own reflection in the calm water he sits up a bit straighter as if he’s trying to show that cat on the other side that he’s the king of this pond!

Every so often this feline will walk around to the back area of the pond where iris have grown in the mulch bed and here he searches for frogs and whatever pond critters he can try to catch or chase.

Most of the time he just lays in the sun on a rock at the edge of his favorite section of the pond. The pond beach area. Here he can see the tadpoles swimming in and out of the pond gravel magically disappearing and reappearing in the cracks and crevices. When they slow down and stop he dips his paw into the water to stir them up again. He feels he is in control making them move when he wants them to.

Even though in the warm months in the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas there is not that much to worry about for animals around ponds,  it may be wise to have a shallow area or two in the pond for easy exit if an animal were to end up in it. In the winter time it’s a little different. Animals can fall through ice so if you know your pet will get near the pond, be sure to monitor if at all possible.

Animals love ponds just as people do. The water and nature appeal to all of their senses. Just be sure that you recognize that it’s not actually your pond but it’s the pond of your pet. You may not think that to be true but your pet will remind you.

Has your cat been bugging you to get a water feature of your own? Let us stop that complaining.

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