Modern Design Pond With Retaining Walls In Alexandria, VA

Modern Design Pond With Retaining Walls In Alexandria, VA

See What A Modern Pond Design Can Look Like And Decide If It’s What You Want For Your Maryland Home

A Rainy Start But a Delightful Pond Project in Alexandria, Virginia

Mr. and Mrs. Stork were ready to move out of their house into their final home and knew what they wanted to complete their dream, Premier Ponds to come back in and build them a paradise. At their previous home Premier had built a nice natural looking feature, but the Storks had a different type in mind for this new one.
a view of a back yard from a porch.

After looking at pictures of a formal pond we built at a Monastery in Washington DC, they decided that was the look they were going after. Pretty straight forward project, right? Right? What we didn’t know was how challenging it would be! Despite what looked like a mess at the beginning, the Storks put their trust in us and we delivered on time and within budget.

What Went Wrong?

To start, Mother Nature did not favor Premier Ponds on day 1 of the project which is the digging phase.  The pond location requested was at the bottom of hill that retained a lot of water so when it rained, which it did a lot of, all of the water saturated the digging space. Add water with some dirt and you’ve got an endless amount of mud that takes FORVER to dig through. Think of when you’re at the beach and you’re trying to ‘dig to China’ and every bit of sand you pull up, it seems like more falls back in, that’s what digging in this is like!

a group of people working in a yard.

In addition to Mother Nature hurting us, we learned the hard way of how difficult it is to dig when the irrigation line is hit. So what normally is a relatively painless process now took 3 times as long to do. But fear not, 50+ years of pond building experience started to pay off.

The Formal Pond Outcome

A couple hurdles included having to work through utility lines which ran through the pond.  In addition, during the project an irrigation pipe seemed to have a lot of water build up and couldn’t be turned off for 15 minutes, but seemed like an eternity.  Despite all this, the team pushed through and worked through the challenges.

At the end of the project, what started off as a muddy mess turned into a beautiful work of art the team and the customer were both proud of.

a pond filled with lots of water lilies.
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If you are in the Alexandria, Virginia area, feel free to give us a shout and we’d be happy to provide you an estimate.  You can start by uploading a picture of your project here!