Why Install Outdoor Lighting?

Why Install Outdoor Lighting?

Install Outdoor Lights for your Maryland, DC, or Northern Virginia Home

Describe Your Home in 3 Words

Bright, illuminated, brilliant! These words could be the description of your home at night if you have exterior lighting. Dark homes are gloomy, boring, and more unsafe than brighter ones. Guests and family members can have a hard time telling where they’re walking, endangering them and your plants. You can prevent this with an easy solution: outdoor lights! Check out what our project in Alexandria, VA, did for the McAuliffe home. It looks amazingly different at night.

a house with a white picket fence in front of it.

Show the neighborhood how amazingly different your home looks at night. Add moon lighting to your backyard, spotlight a statue, or add some pathway and front door lights. Outdoor lights can make your house come closer to looking like a home. With plenty of light types to choose from, you can increase the depth and character your home at night. Read on to learn about some benefits outdoor lighting has for you!

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a house with a lot of lights in front of it.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Here are 3 ways exterior lighting can benefit your home:

Outdoor Lighting Accents

Show what makes your house unique and highlight the focal points of your exterior! Put some uplights under bushes and shrubs to create an enjoyable, glowing effect. Spotlight some architectural details and other points of interest. Add some wall grazing to make even your walls pop! These are a few of the many ways lighting can increase your home’s aesthetic. It can also add value to the property itself, especially through curb appeal.
a lot of trees that are in the dark.

Curb Appeal

The warmth of a bright home. There’s no feeling quite like pulling up to your home and getting a welcoming feeling by what you see. Sure you can have some front door lights, maybe a couple path lights, but that’s normal for many houses. Houses with a nice lighting scheme can create a bright, warm atmosphere. It can make you want to stay at home and even get your neighbors to want to come too! You can also have motion sensor lights to increase the safety of your property. Scroll down to learn more about safety with lighting.

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Falling hurts, and it’s even worse when it’s in the dark. Keep yourself, your family, and your guests safe with outdoor lighting. Light the deck or patio stairs, install some pathway lights around the house, yard, and water feature. You can even light up your water feature for aesthetic and safety reasons. These can also ensure people won’t accidentally walk through a natural area and step on your plants. Safety’s one of the best reasons to install outdoor lighting for any home. 

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The path lighting featured below made Laura McAuliffe’s house safer and brighter:
a garden at night with lights shining on the ground.

Premier Exterior Lighting

Install outdoor lighting to brighten your home and your family. Your home can come alive at night with lighting in a way nobody can see during the day. Extra lighting can allow you to show this to your friends and neighbors with nighttime backyard events! Or you can enjoy an evening with the family roasting marshmallows or playing games. Does this sound like something you would want?

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