I Want Something Just Like This…Pond Paradise!

/I Want Something Just Like This…Pond Paradise!

Dear Diary,

Let me tell you about this cool pond renovation I saw on my way to work.  Are you listening?

My morning was just another typical day, trying to rush and head out the door.

My commute was no different, trying to find a seat on the metro.

I finally get to work and it can’t be!  

Someone finally decided to do something about the pond that I see everyday filled with algae and dirt!  I see a crew that looks like they are about to start their 1st day on the job.  I think they might be called Premier Ponds or something.  

So, I ask the owner of Premier Ponds, Steve what they are up to today.  He told me they are adding a new feature called a Bog and this pond has been a mess for several years!!

How Frustrating!

I’m really looking forward to what these guys get done.

Steve says his Premier Ponds team has done some magical transformations before.

Day 2:  The clean up continues

I wake up, look at the TV and see the Orioles lost again…So much for the playoffs this year!

Today I drove into work as the ficus tree that my wife got me for the office wouldn’t fit on the metro.

I dread driving in to Bethesda.  It’s notorious for very little parking but I manage to find a spot somehow amidst all this construction.

Get out of my car and I’m amazed what I’m seeing within a 24 hour period:

It’s not often in Bethesda you get to see a pond renovation right in front of your office. 

All I see are a bunch of rocks and power washing going on.  These guys sure are some rockstars!

Day 3: Construction begins!

Thank goodness, it’s hump day today!  It’s been a tough week at the office, but we’ll see what happens with this Premier crew.  

I’m wondering what are all those crates for and that yellow thing that looks like a boat!

Reminds of a submarine.

Whatever it is, construction is well underway and the team is making some progress.

So, I was curious and decided to ask Andrew, the project manager what’s going on today.  Check it out:

Day 4:  Thursday

This week is flying by!  Good thing I have a half day tomorrow.  I get to the office and here’s what I’m seeing.  Lots of running water and just a clean view.  The team even had the waterfall set up.

Now I can get back to enjoying my lunch outside again and relax by this oasis!

I can’t believe all this was done in only 4 days.  If I had a pond at my house or at my wife’s office, I’d definitely be hitting up Premier Ponds.




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