How To Clean A Garden Fountain: A Project In Olney, MD

Keeping Garden Fountains Clean And Beautiful In Maryland, DC, And Northern Virginia

Fountain cleaning mostly involves washing gunk and debris out of the fountain itself. As part of how to clean a garden fountain, it’s best to make sure the pump and motor are clean and working properly as well. It’s also ideal for maintaining any lights and doing an overall inspection. Garden fountains are best when clean and working wonderfully.

You can see the action of how to clean a garden fountain as we do it for a client in Olney, Maryland. 

“Looks like it’s time to make the call again,” Danielle sighs into the frosty morning air.

“What a way to end a perfectly nice morning walk.” she continues. “Sure, it could be worse, I mean, at least it’s still working. Just wish someone had noticed it earlier.”

Danielle sweeps some of the wet leaves away with her hand to get a better look at the bottom. “Uggh, filthy,” she says in disgust.

How to clean a garden fountain

However much time, it’s been too long. Danielle’s garden fountain is full of leaves, debris, and gunk. It makes the plants she put in there look dead too.

Danielle is not going to continue letting her usually beautiful fountain be a blemish on her backyard.

“It probably needs a deep cleaning since I can’t remember the last time it was cleaned,” she thinks huffily. “Guess I’d better call in some pros.”

Danielle remembers one of her friends talking about Premier Ponds. They cleaned her fountain and pond and did a fantastic job. Maybe she should give them a call too…

After contacting and talking to Premier Ponds, Danielle decides to hire them to clean her garden fountain.

How To Clean A Garden Fountain

Here’s the video of us cleaning the garden fountain in Olney:

The 5 basic steps for how to clean a garden fountain are:

  1. Drain Water Out Of Your Garden Fountain
  2. Remove Decorations, Debris, & Rocks
  3. Backflush The Fountain Pump
  4. Wash Down With Garden Hose
  5. Replace The Parts & Enjoy Your Clean Garden Fountain

“Oh my,” Danielle declares breathily, “it looks wonderful again! I’m ever so glad I had y’all come in an clean it for me. Now I can enjoy my garden fountain again and not worry about it.”

How Clean Is Your Garden Fountain?

Outdoor fountains can become dirty without anybody noticing. Thankfully, cleaning them isn’t a huge hassle, especially if you know what you’re doing. Have you seen what yours looks like recently? It might need a cleaning of its own.

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All characters in this post are not accurate representations of our clients. The characters’ personalities and diction are fictional.