How Do LED Lights Work And Why They’re The Best

How Do LED Lights Work And Why They’re The Best

LED Bulbs Can Make The Outdoor Lighting For Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Home Better

You’ll start replacing your light bulbs once you see how LED lights work and why they’re the best. You will see the benefits in your bank and home. Yes, you can use them to save money and make the lighting for your home even better, outside and inside.

But are they REALLY worth it? Keep reading to find out!

Light Emitting Whatnow?

“I couldn’t believe how much better their lights are!”

Meg crosses her arms as she compares their lights to their friend’s outdoor lights. “Who knew those light-emitting-whatever bulbs could make such a difference in the look and control.”

Ryan looks over at her, saying “If they’re that much better than the halogen bulbs we have then why don’t we upgrade our outdoor lighting? Gotta keep up with those 2020 outdoor lighting trends.”

“Really?!” Meg asks in surprise. She didn’t think Ryan would suggest something like that so quickly. “Well, yes, but first I want to find out how LED lights work and why they’re the best. That way when people ask about them I’ll know what to say.”

Meg pulls out her phone and looks it up on Google. Here’s what she finds.

How LED Lights Work

LED lights work by moving parts of an atom called electrons through a semiconducting material like silicon or aluminum-gallium-arsenide. As these electrons move to a new atom they release photons that provide light.

Meg rolls her eyes and shakes her head. Guess you can’t really learn how things like this work without getting pretty sciency and the picture didn’t help all that much. It does look nice though.

She also stu mbles upon why LEDs flicker with advice on what to do. That’s great because now it if happens she’ll spend less time worrying and more time fixing it (or getting Ryan to).

Now that she knows how LED lights work Meg wants to know how LED lights are better than others.

Why LED Light Bulbs Are Better Than Other Bulbs

LED light bulbs are better than other bulbs because you can change the brightness and color, they use less energy, cost less to use, are getting cheaper to buy, don’t get nearly as hot, and they last thousands of hours longer.

Ryan jumps in surprise as Megan basically shouts “Thousands of hours longer! That’s ridiculous!!”. 

Meg shares her findings with Ryan, including 3 reasons LEDs are better than incandescents. He almost can’t believe it either.

“That’s incredible. I guess the only question left after learning how LED lights work is do we get them for our outdoor lighting?”

Will They Go LED?

  • Meg walks out to join Ryan on their deck. She sets her drink on the rail next to him and looks out over their backyard. Right now the lights are gold and purple to represent their team spirit as the Baltimore Ravens get ready to play.

    “I’m glad we switched to LED, aren’t you?” Meg asks. “Yeah, especially after we did the LED vs halogen comparison,” he responds with a smile.

    Meg leans her head on his shoulder and they take in the beautiful view of their backyard lighting together.


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