Fall Back With Premier Ponds!

/Fall Back With Premier Ponds!

Fall is not only a time to set your clocks back.  It’s also a must during this time of year to conduct a maintenance, so your pond, plants and fish looks fresh all season and remain healthy.  The Premier Ponds team is experienced and has a checklist of things we do to service your pond.  Just like a mechanic services your car during routine maintenance.

Let’s discuss our top 4 things you must do as part of your fall maintenance:

1. Remove dead plant, waste and leaves that cover the pond during the fall

The first thing we do is to remove dying plant foliage and waste from the pond as it will decay and pollute the water.  In addition, leaves and debris in your pond can clog the pump and contribute to leaks in the stream from the buildup.  It could also cause larger issues down the line with water clarity, pond components and plant health.  As the saying goes an ounce of prevention is like a pound of cure.

2. Power Wash The Rocks and Crevices:

Once your pond is drained, and we have removed debris and trimmed away dead plant material, we power wash starting from the top and work our way down.  Some of the debris contains viable beneficial bacteria, so it’s OK to leave a little behind.  Power washing helps eliminate the scale and build up on the rocks, so it’s important to do this the correct way.

3.  Inspect all the pond components and replace as necessary

Most ponds in general rely on a filter, pump, skimmer and lights to keep the water clean and clear.  There are also components to these parts that include filter pads, pump rotors, filter heads and baskets.  For waterfalls and fountains, there are also UV clarifiers, aerators, flexible tubing and GFCI for the electrical.  These important parts of the pond system go through wear and tear over time.  As part of the fall maintenance, the Premier Ponds team will inspect these components and provide recommendations to keep your pond looking healthy.

4.  Prune plants and apply fresh soil and fertilizer

Keeping plants trimmed as they need it is one of the best ways to keep on top things, but it is not simply about keeping them looking at their best. Excess vegetable matter is one of the major contributors to silt in ponds – and this is a particular problem towards the autumn as the plants begin to die back for winter. Removing dead or damaged foliage on a regular basis, helps reduce the formation of sludge on the bottom and makes the need to clean the pond much less frequent. For the same reason, once the growing season has pretty much come to a halt, prune the plants around the pond as well as the ones in it; cutting back any overhanging vegetation which may otherwise fall into the pond during the winter can make a big difference.  From a practical standpoint, routine thinning out, trimming and cutting back ensures that the pond stays at its best and provides the right conditions for fish, pond-life and the plants themselves. A well-managed pond is clearly a much healthier place than one choked by rampant weed-growth – and it looks a whole lot better too!

Here is a quick video by Andrew from our Premier Ponds Team that goes into more detail of a what a Fall Maintenance entails.  If you need any help, contact the Premier Ponds Team today and schedule your pond maintenance today!

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