Eight Backyard Fountain Ideas to Spruce Up Your Backyard

Small basalt fountains

Premier Ponds specializes in installing ponds and backyard fountain setups in Maryland, D.C., and Virginia. Our experts work tirelessly to bring your dream backyard space to life. 

Our installation experts have decades of experience creating backyard fountains that improve your home’s curb appeal and add luxury to your home’s exterior. 

Here is our list of the best backyard fountain ideas for your D.C. metro home. 

Idea #1 – Make Your Water Fountain the Centerpiece of Your Backyard Space 

While a water fountain can be a luxurious accessory in your backyard, it can also act as the centerpiece of your outdoor design. There are many ways you can accentuate your fountain to stylize your backyard space. 

For example, you can have a floral garden that leads up to your fountain if you want to decorate the walkway leading up to the water feature. We recommend a water fountain that emits soothing sounds. This feature enhances the presentation of your backyard water fountain. 

A centerpiece water fountain allows you and your significant other to have frequent romantic strolls around your backyard each night. It also creates a unique setting when hosting parties at your home. 

Idea #2 – Use Plants and Statues 

Spillway bowl fountains in natural area

Another way to create an awe-inspiring water fountain space is to accessorize it with plants and statues. Living in the D.C. metro area lends itself to the ability to sprout eye-catching gardens each spring. 

Imagine smelling the scent of a fresh batch of flowers while enjoying the coolness emitted from your water fountain. That dream could become a reality when you build a backyard water fountain structure. 

Floral designs work well if you have a sizable basin in your water fountain. This basin allows you to create a sizable garden space around your fountain and incorporate wildlife statues to stylize the area. 

Idea #3 – Incorporate a Self-Contained Outdoor Water Fountain 

A budget-friendly way to add luxury to your backyard space is to incorporate a self-contained outdoor water fountain. There are a couple of different self-contained fountains that you can add to your yard to make it more stylish. 

You can opt for a self-circulating fountain that spews cool water in a rotating motion. You can even place these fountains in your front yard, enabling you to catch a refreshing mist when you walk in and out of your home. 

The soothing sounds of outdoor fountains create mood boosts to help you get through the day. Many self-contained water fountains are plug-in models that are affordable and easy to use. 

Idea #4 – Get Mediterranean

Three urn fountains

You can find some of the best water fountain concepts in Mediterranean countries. These designs are simplistic yet vibrant. Urn fountains are becoming more popular with American homeowners each year. 

These fountains have a statue appearance but also function as a fountain. By combining three or more urns, you can create a dazzling fountain display in your backyard. 

We also recommend placing an assortment of rocks around your urn display. It is the perfect accent for a Mediterranean garden. 

Experts rave about the tranquilness of a Mediterranean fountain setup. It is a perfect place for lounging and reflecting on life. Many people seek a calm place before making a crucial life decision, and your Mediterranean fountain can be an ideal spot for deep thinking. 

Idea #5 – Let Your Fountain Add to Your Wall Garden 

Wall gardens are beautiful structures that add a sense of peace and serenity to your backyard. However, you can make your wall garden even better by adding a water fountain. 

These fountains provide an optimal environment for your plants to sprout. Walled gardens help negate the effects of wind and rain on your plants and flowers. When you add a fountain to your walled garden, it creates a private, serene atmosphere for you to enjoy. 

Idea #6 – Enhance Your Home’s Entranceway

Front yard fountain

One of the best ways to make your home feel more luxurious is to add a fountain to your home’s entryway. There are few better mood boosters than walking through a blooming garden in your driveway. 

Another benefit of this fountain setup is it improves your home’s curb appeal. If your home is on the market, adding a fountain to your entryway can help you get higher bids on your property. 

Our experts will help you determine the ideal setup for your front yard fountain space. We will create a mind-blowing concept that will bring the best out of your entranceway. 

Idea #7 – Play with Different Shapes 

One of the best things about fountains is they come in many different shapes and sizes. Therefore, you have flexible options when creating your garden and fountain display. 

Choosing the perfect fountain for your garden requires attention to detail. Our experts recommend analyzing the shapes that surround your fountain. 

If you have a lot of straight lines around your designated fountain space, then opt for a round water fountain. Conversely, if your garden has a circular pattern, choose a square sculpture instead. 

Idea #8 – Add White Noise 

Contained fountain with three heads

One of the best backyard fountain ideas is to add white noise to your fountain. While fountains create a stunning visual aesthetic, you can take them to the next level by adding white noise. 

When your fountain emits a noise, it becomes even more soothing and pleasant to be around. It allows you to drown out all other outside noises and be alone with your thoughts. 

You can also add other audio effects to your garden fountains, such as wildlife sounds or instrumental music to create a vibey or classy atmosphere. 

Let Us Improve Your Backyard Fountain

We work with some of the best backyard fountain experts in the United States to help you enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor fountains. 

If you want more backyard fountain ideas for your Maryland, D.C., or Virginia home, reach out to Premier Ponds through our contact form. Our team will walk you through our installation process and recommend the best outdoor fountains for your home. 


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