1,000+ ponds constructed and repaired and 5,000+ ponds cleaned in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia since 2001

a garden pond surrounded by rocks and plants.

A pond is a living, working system. An ecosystem that is. At Premier Ponds, we help bring what Mother Nature has done such a good job of for years to your backyard. Everything that we put into your water feature has a specific purpose and helps to keep the pond as natural as possible.

Aspects Of An Ecosystem Pond:

  1. The first part of an ecosystem pond is the biofalls. The biofalls has two main purposes in the pond:
    • It is the waterfall that allows the water to pass into the basin of the pond
    • The biofalls act as a mechanical filter to help keep debris out of the pond
  2. Once the water is in the pond, the plants and fish come into play. They work together in equilibrium to provide nutrients for each other.
    • A pond without plants can lead to a large algae problem due to a lack of plants taking the nutrients away from the algae
  3. The rocks and gravel in the bottom of the pond actually have a very positive effect in that it allows for beneficial bacteria to grow.
  4. The final major aspect of a pond’s ecosystem is the skimmer unit. Very similar to a biofalls, this is a mechanical filter to help keep the pond clear.

Take a look at our Ecosystems Brochure to see some projects Premier Ponds has done!