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Do Ponds Need Gravel Or Is It Just To Make It Look Better?

You Can Find Out If Gravel Can Do More Than Make Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Pond Look Better

Ponds should look natural, right? You buy a pond to beautify your yard, but it shouldn’t stick out like a pool does: unnaturally. Ponds are to bring nature closer to the home.

So the last thing you want to see is an all liner bottom.

It really shows that the pond is man-made and unnatural. It’s like trying to tell someone a football field’s made from actual grass when you can tell it’s astroturf. There’s a visible difference.

Here on the left’s a bare-bottom pond, while here on the right’s a gravel-bottom pond:

Pond with only a liner                  Pond with rocks and gravel in the bottom

Which would you prefer to look at?

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Gravel Science

Beneficial bacteria bed. That’s the science aspect of gravel. It provides an area for bacteria to grow and break down waste, turning it into food for the aquatic plants. Without this, ponds are less healthy and require more work to maintain. The point of a low-maintenance pond is to do as little work as possible. So add gravel and get bacteria!

add rocks and gravel for a more natural looking pond bottom

It’s a natural way to have a healthy pond ecosystem. Unlike an inorganic bottom drain.

Bottom Drains

Another way to take care of your pond. A manmade way. It won’t stick out and make the pond look less natural, but adding rocks and gravel is better. Bottom drains do circulate water and collect biological waste, but you’ll be the one removing the waste, not the bacteria. It will keep your pond cleaner though.

There is no bottom drain in nature, but there are rocks and gravel. Go the natural route and add gravel to the bottom of your backyard pond! Learn more about bottom drains.

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