Landscape Lighting Costs And Why It’s Worth It To You

Landscape Lighting Costs And Why It’s Worth It To You

Your Maryland Neighbors Are Investing This Much To Make Their Landscape Safe And Beautiful At Night
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You and everyone else should know the cost for outdoor lighting. It’s a great place to start because you can plan and budget accordingly.

In this post, you can discover the cost of outdoor lighting installation. You can also find out some of the main reasons your price can change.

Everyone Else Has It!

“When you’re driving into our neighborhood what do you see?” asks Christina

Matt thinks carefully before answering, “Houses and trees, other plants. Oh, and lots of lights. Why?”

“Almost all of the houses in our neighborhood have landscape lighting. Ours just sits in the dark, boring and sad,” answers Christina. “It’s embarrassing.”

“Oof,” says Matt. “Yeah, I can see that now that you mention it. How much does outdoor landscape lighting cost? I assume we’ll be getting some.” Christina shrugs. “I’m not sure, but we can always Google it!” she says, picking up her phone. “You’ll love all the benefits landscape lighting comes with too.”

Here’s what the couple uncovers after looking on Google:

How Much Does It Cost To Install Landscape Lighting

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For our quality line of light fixtures, the cost to install outdoor landscape lighting is about $500 per fixture. Depending on the size of the project it can drop down to as low as $450 per fixture. Another factor that can change the price is the fixture line.

Factors That Can Change Outdoor Lighting Installation Costs

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Project size. The cost for landscape lighting changes based on project size. Size can refer to yard size or fixture number. Larger yards usually need more lights for it to look good. You can also choose to have more fixtures. 

Fixture line. The cost of landscape lighting changes based on the fixture you choose. You can choose between low-end and high-end fixtures, with some in-between. Low-end fixtures don’t look as good for as long. You’ll end up paying to fix or replace them more often than with high-end fixtures. High-end fixtures also tend to look better for longer and come under warranty.

*There are many types of fixtures to choose from but we prefer the Unique Lighting Systems brass fixture line. We recommend using one of the 3 best landscape lighting brands. You can also just grab some solar power lights and put them in the ground.

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“Now we’re one step closer to lighting up our home so it looks amazing at night,” says Christina excitedly. Matt smiles. “I’m glad! Now, let’s see what else we can find out about landscape lighting on this blog.”


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