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The Cost Of A Koi Pond In Maryland

What would you want from your koi pond?

You can bring these benefits and more to your home by installing one:

  • The relaxing sound of running water
  • A beautiful, unique centerpiece
  • A calming piece of paradise
Enjoying A New Koi Pond In Burtonsville MD

But unless you want a plastic tub with fish in it, a koi pond won’t cost you less than several thousand dollars. Actually, cheaper koi ponds can be more expensive in the long run: more maintenance, more repairs, more time and energy.

If they are cheap, it’s either made from cheap materials or by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.

You can watch this video to see the renovation of a cheaply and poorly built koi pond into a real one:

You can fall in love with the right one. We see it happen with clients all the time:

Much more than just a “pond”, it’s the ambiance of our backyard. A wonderful center point of beauty, as well as the reason we have such a tranquil and enjoyable time spending time outdoors”
– Baron B from Severn, MD (Yelp Review)

It’s worth it. Well, as long as you buy a quality pond.

Let’s see how much a quality koi pond (like the one in the picture below) can cost in Maryland.

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Side View Of Koi Pond Waterfall In Maryland

How Much Does A Koi Pond Cost In Maryland?

The cost of a koi pond can range from $500 – $100,000+. A quality koi pond should start around $9,000. It should be the average size for ponds. This price should also include mechanical and biological filters, rocks, aquatic plants, and fish.

Don’t forget about yearly pond maintenance costs too.

Here are some great examples of what a starting pond can look like:

If the koi pond you’re looking at is not like this, it may not be worth having. You won’t want a $500 koi pond (that’s the plastic tub situation we were talking about earlier).

Cheap koi ponds don’t look natural, they break down easily, and become more of a pain than a paradise:

“Had a cut rate pond crew but what I saved on money I more than paid in increased cleaning, broken inappropriate equipment and almost daily frustration to the point I wanted to fill the pond in”
– Tu Phan-Kerr (Google Review)

It could end up looking like this:

The cost of a koi pond can mean more than money, like having an eyesore such as this preformed tub with bricks around it

We don’t think anyone should have to go through something like this with their koi pond.

You won’t have to if you buy a quality koi pond.

Speaking of, remember that $9,000 price we came up with earlier? That’s the cost of a basic koi pond.

Let’s take a look at what you can get when you buy a more advanced koi pond.

The Cost Of A Koi Pond With Additions

You can choose from a lot of different features.

Making it bigger and deeper is usually what increases the cost. Larger ponds mean:

  • More space
  • More water
  • More labor

Streams also increase the size and cost of a koi pond. More size may mean a higher price, but it can also mean more enjoyment.

The cost of a koi pond can mean more than money, like having an eyesore such as this preformed tub with bricks around it
The cost of a koi pond can mean more than money, like having an eyesore such as this preformed tub with bricks around it

You can add in fish caves and tunnels too. Give your fish:

  • More room
  • Shady spots
  • A place to hide from any predators

They aren’t difficult to install and fish love them. You’ll enjoy them because it means you won’t have any missing fish.

You’ll lower maintenance even further with an algae fighting system. The Ion-Gen is a great way to beat algae and keep your pond clean and clear.

Some projects even include a hardscape next to the pond! A patio, deck, paths, or even viewing areas can be part of the plan:

You can always add on to your pond later too.

Some clients like to build theirs in stages or, later down the line, add something more to their pond.

What Is Your Dream Koi Pond?

A koi pond is meant to be a relaxing, low maintenance piece of paradise. If it is anything less, can it really be a true koi pond?

It may cost more now, but a quality koi pond is worth the money.

Did any of the pictures on here look like something you would want for your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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