Choosing The Right Pond Contractor

/Choosing The Right Pond Contractor

What happens when my pond contractor doesn’t deliver?

So… you have an old pool in your yard and have decided to hire a contractor to convert it into an ecosystem style pond.  This is quite the task since a pool conversion is much harder to pull off than a normal pond renovation and much tougher than building a new pond.  There are so many variables that need to be addressed and if done wrong you could end up with a complete mess on your hands.  Well that is exactly what happened to home owners in Glen Burnie, MD.

Originally the home owners got a bid from Premier Ponds that they thought was too high in comparison to another contractor they had called.  In fact the lower price looked too good to pass on so they went ahead and signed a contract and had their old pool turned into a pond.  Or so they thought.

Sometimes projects don’t seem to turn out as expected.  The homeowners had quite a bad experience where their pond contractor didn’t seem to know what they were doing.  The main foreman would show up with his laborers and once the labor force started working he would either talk on his phone paying little attention to what was going on or he would leave the site completely.  There was little to no communication between the contractor and the home owners and the job took several weeks where originally they scheduled for one week.  The end result was a very unnatural looking pond that couldn’t hold water.

Fortunately the homeowners were able to get their money back from this original contractor who admitted they really got in over their heads and didn’t actually know what they were doing in the first place.


Hiring the right contractor

Ugh!  Back to hiring another contractor to do the job right.  The home owners once again contacted Premier Ponds because even though the price was higher than the first guy they seemed to know what they were talking about, been around a long time, had solid references, and had display ponds all over the DC Metro area.  Everything they provided proved they were the right pond contractor and should have done the job in the first place.


Premier Ponds to the rescue

As work got underway the Premier Ponds team did what they do best.  Turn problem ponds into beautiful waterscapes.  Little by little the existing pond was ripped out and the new pond started taking shape.  The home owners were able to relax knowing they were in good hands.  The home owners were kept in constant involvement throughout the process and the Premier Ponds team had a blast making the dream come true.  They even had a birthday celebration for one of the crew members.


Most often you get what you pay for

In a week’s time the backyard nightmare was over.  Premier Ponds took a pond conversion gone bad and created a beautiful and natural ecosystem style pond the home owners could enjoy for the years to come.

You probably have heard the age old saying “You get what you pay for” right?  Well when it comes to ponds that saying generally holds true.  If you buy a cheap product or service, 9 times out of 10 you will be disappointed as it will not live up to your expectations. When shopping for a pond contractor service in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas do your homework first.  Just because a contractor throws out a low number doesn’t necessarily mean they will deliver a quality product.  Make sure the pond contractor you choose has plenty of experience, does quality work, and continually educates themselves with the latest and greatest water feature technologies.  This is important with the construction of all pond types, especially in the trickiest of situations, converting a swimming pool into a pond.

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