Aquatic Plants In Maryland: Native vs. Non-Native Species For Backyard Koi Ponds

Lush aquatic plants keeping a pond clean and clear

Cultivating A Koi Kingdom: Planting The Seeds Of Knowledge For Maryland Pond Enthusiasts Do your koi glide through the water like royalty, but their kingdom lacks the luster of a well-tended realm? Have you ever paused, wondering what plants you could add to make your pond look more natural and beautiful? In this post, you’ll […]

Koi Pond Filter Costs For Your Backyard Water Feature

Backyard pond with aquatic plants and rocky bottom

The Key To Crystal Clear Koi Ponds Ever wondered why some koi ponds are crystal clear while others are murky? Or why some koi fish are vibrant and healthy while others seem sluggish? The answer lies in the heart of the pond – the koi pond filter. In this post, we’ll delve into the costs […]

The Best Koi Pond Liner Materials, And The Worst

koi pond with lily pads

Choosing a suitable pond liner material is one of the most critical decisions if you’re planning to build a backyard koi pond. The pond liner material you choose will determine how long your pond lasts, how easy it is to maintain, and how much money you’ll ultimately spend.