Hardscapes Enhance Homes

Learn about different types of hardscapes and how they can take your home to the next level! Patios, pathways, or firepits can add a new dimension to your landscape that can help you further enjoy it. Have some family time roasting s’mores over the firepit, throw a party on your patio, and provide a safe path for people to walk on. If you want to host nighttime parties and activities, install some landscape lighting to brighten the night. If you want to see where a hardscape can take your home, then these posts may be able to help.

What Is A Swale Drain For Yards And Should You Get One?

What Is A Swale Drain For Yards And Should You Get One? Swale Drains Are A More Natural And Beautiful Way To Keep Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Yard From Flooding Swale drains are broad, shallow ditches that can be lined with grass, vegetation, or rocks. It’s a more natural way [...]

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Stone Steps And Stone Walkways For Your Maryland Home

Stone Steps And Stone Walkways For Your Maryland Home Provide A Natural Way To Walk Around Your Yard In Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia You can use stone steps and stone walkways to give people a natural-looking way to get around your yard. Whether you choose large stepping stones [...]

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Pond Contractor Services in Great Falls, Virginia

In June of 2015, Premier Ponds visited Great Falls Virginia for two weeks. Waiting there was a big project that included 3 ponds, 2 patios and more retaining walls than we could count. The project started on a cold rainy week and ended with the hottest weather we had so far this year. But, Premier's [...]

Pond and Patio Makeover in Alexandria, Virginia

The Before We were called by a homeowner talking about her current pond being overgrown. We hopped on 495 and headed down to Alexandria. We were tasked with a total renovation, meaning we were to take everything out of the pond, including the liner, and totally rebuild it. When we arrived, we noticed that the [...]