This Is How Long Koi Fish And Goldfish Can Live In A Pond

a man and a boy looking at a fish in a pond.

Find Out How Long Fish Can Live In Your Maryland Backyard Pond Have you ever wondered how long your beautiful koi fish can live in your backyard koi pond? Or how about those charming goldfish? In this post, we’ll dive into the factors that determine the lifespan of these popular pond fish. By this article’s […]

Common Koi Pond Treatments For Cleaner And Clearer Water

A close up of koi fish in a client's pond.

Nothing Beats Clean Water Are you tired of murky, unhealthy water in your koi pond? Do you dream of a crystal clear pond that showcases your beautiful fish? In this blog post, we will discuss various koi pond treatments that can help you achieve cleaner and clearer water. By the end of this post, you’ll […]

17 Common Koi Fish Diseases To Look Out For In Backyard Ponds

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Are you afraid that your koi fish (current or future ones) will get sick? Do you want to know what to look out for so you can ensure they survive? In this post, you’ll discover common koi fish diseases, what can cause them, how to spot them, and more. By the end, you should feel […]

How Many Fish Will Fit In A Backyard Pond Per Gallon?

a large group of fish swimming in a pond.

Do you want to add fish to your backyard pond but aren’t sure how many to add? Do you want to make sure your fish are safe and happy in their new home? In this post, you can find the answer to “how many fish can I have in my pond” and more! By the […]

Why Are My Koi Fish Hiding Or At The Pond Bottom?

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It can be frustrating when your koi friends seem more interested in hiding at the bottom of the pond than coming up to the surface to say hello. After all, one of the joys of having a backyard pond is watching your graceful koi swim and interact with each other. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most common reasons for koi fish staying hidden and explore some solutions to get them back to their usual spot near the top of the pond.

How Soon Can You Put Fish In A New Pond?

How to stock a new koi pond

How To Stock A New Koi Pond And Prepare The Water If you’ve just built a new koi pond or are in the process of doing so, you’re likely wondering how to stock it with these beautiful fish. Koi can add a lot of color and interest to your garden or backyard, and they provide […]

What Koi Fish Can And Can’t Eat And How To Feed Them

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What Koi Fish Can And Can’t Eat And How To Feed Them Not sure what to feed your koi fish? You’re not alone. Koi fish food can be confusing, but it’s important to get it right. In this blog post, we’ll break down the question of “what do koi fish eat” and give you advice […]

The Best Koi Pond Liner Materials, And The Worst

koi pond with lily pads

Choosing a suitable pond liner material is one of the most critical decisions if you’re planning to build a backyard koi pond. The pond liner material you choose will determine how long your pond lasts, how easy it is to maintain, and how much money you’ll ultimately spend.

Koi Fish Prices And What You Need To Know Before Buying

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Add Life To Your Backyard Pond And Make It A True Ecosystem You’ll love having koi fish as much as any pond owner does (which is a lot). Koi add vibrant colors and life to your pond. Wait! Before you hop off this page to go buy some, you’ll want to know koi fish prices. […]

10 Best Ways To Protect Pond Fish From Predators

Heron waiting to eat fish

Do you worry about the safety of your fish? Or, worse, have some of them gone missing? This is when homeowners start looking for ways to protect pond fish from predators. Predators such as raccoons, herons, and snakes can be deadly to your fish, which is why it’s crucial to take the proper precautions. There […]