Building A Pond Near A Deck For A Beautiful View

Building A Pond Near A Deck For A Beautiful View

What Better View Can You Have From Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Deck Than A Backyard Pond?

This pond/deck combination is ideal because you can see the water feature from the deck! Our clients brought us in to make it happen for them and they love it. Their 20-foot by 10-foot pond is beautiful and it isn’t even all the way done yet. You can see exactly what was done in the video below as Mike walks you through everything (and you can find out what the last finishing touch will be).

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It’s December 23 and all is well.

But one family’s doing more than well because they’ve just had the finishing touches on their backyard pond done!

What was once a large, plain patch of grass is now an amazing water feature. Our clients brought us in for this project so they can have a beautiful new view for the New Year.

They’ll be able to sit back and relax to the peaceful sound of their waterfall or watch as the water tumbles down into their pond.

The water will take a couple of days to fully clear up, but once it does (and they bring in some plants) their pond will be everything they dreamed it would be.

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