Building A Large Koi Pond In Burtonsville, Maryland

Building A Large Koi Pond In Burtonsville, Maryland

Installing A Home Owner’s Dream In Maryland

How It All Began

Do you remember where you were 2 days after 9/11?

The country was still in mourning, but people had to keep going about their daily lives. Steve Shinholser, founder and co-owner of Premier Ponds, had just finished his first pond ever.

He and his client Robin were sitting outside, taking in the beautiful new scenery amongst the tragedy that had just occurred. A bird flew into the pond and started playing in the waterfall when suddenly, it happened.

a red bird sitting in a stream of water.

Robin and Steve looked at each other and had almost the exact same thought “wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone could experience this calm, peaceful environment?”

That’s when Steve knew ponds were the perfect way he could help enhance people’s lives (like yours) and homes, including his own. He grew up around water, diving for 15 years, starting his own pool company, and enjoying the sound of water.

But living in his part of Maryland meant not being able to be around water as often, which is why he built this amazing pond in his backyard:

Don’t you want a beautiful, natural paradise like that in your yard? You can enjoy the peaceful sound of running water, watch fish swim lazily by, and enjoy bringing a bit of nature into your own backyard.

Steve built his pond back in 2002 and it is still a work of art, even down to how well it runs. Regular maintenance and love help keep this water feature doing its job: making people happy.

a young girl is looking at a pond full of fish.
a group of young girls sitting around a pond.

What You Can Get With A Pond Like This

If you want an amazing pond like this to transform your outdoor area, here’s what you can expect:

  • 25’ x 30’ x 30” (that’s a big pond)
  • Fish caves
  • Autofill
  • Aerator
  • 2 skimmers
  • Mystery waterfall
  • Lights

Steve spared no expense on his pond because for him it’s not about the money, it’s about his love of water and the benefits he can bring to his home and family.

Steve’s pond is an amazing place to sit and read beside, socialize next to, and enjoy at almost any time (even at night thanks to the LED lights).

Why Would You Want A Koi Pond?

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting a koi pond and we would love to know yours! Who knows, maybe one day we will be able to welcome you into our pond family.

You can let us know why you would love your own koi pond in the comments below.

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