Building A Big Backyard Pond And A Patio In Severn

Building A Big Backyard Pond And A Patio In Severn

Find Out What This Client’s Idea Of The Ideal Backyard Is
a back yard with a pond and patio furniture.

A client in Severn, Maryland contacted us to build them a patio and a pond in their backyard. The result can’t be fully described in words.

See the video and read about it below-

Grass Is So Boring

“We’ve had the same boring view for too long now,” says Matt.

“Yep,” agrees Christina. “Are you about ready to change it to something better?” Matt nods quickly. “Yes, absolutely. I think we should go big. We can install a patio and a backyard pond!”

Christina smiles from ear to ear. “Great! Let’s get on it right away then. I’ve been doing some research and I already have a pond contractor picked out.” She shows him the research she’s done, including the cost to build and maintain a pond, and tells him why she chose them.

“Premier Ponds? Well, ok. I trust your judgment,” says Matt. “Let’s contact them and see if we can work something out.”

The couple contacts Premier Ponds. They decide to move forward with the patio, pond, and a retaining wall to tie it all together.

Here’s how the project goes:

Building Out The Backyard In Severn

The patio is 22-by-12-feet and the pond 16-by-16 feet with a waterfall.

Normally for a project like this, we start with the pond. Since the pond and patio aren’t connecting we start with the patio instead. Once we finish that we move to the pièce de résistance- the pond.

Following our process for building a pond, we had this project done in 5 days with a 6 man team.

a group of people digging in a yard.
We start by digging out the pond and adding filters and plumbing. Then we put down liner, rock it out, and fill it with water. The clients also had us install two fish tunnels on the first shelf of the pond.
a pond in a park with a bridge over it.
There’s also a stepper edge running around the pond. It’s one of the ways to make ponds safer for people. This edge gives people a safe place to stand and view the pond.

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“Wow, our backyard looks way better now!” says Matt happily. Christina can’t stop smiling. “It’s perfect! Let’s check out the blog again and see what else we can find.”