Building A Pond In Silver Spring That Will Knock Your Fins Off

See What Happens When A Client Lets Us Go All Out For Their Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Pond
Part of the completed pond and patio

This client now happens to be a part-owner. You can see what happens when we go all out building a pond in Silver Spring for him. It’s a showcase for sure!


See the pictures and process below-

A Lot Of New Firsts

“Our first house deserves something special.”

Laurie looks over at Andrew with a smile. “And you’re about to tell me it’s a pond, aren’t you?” Andrew chuckles. “What gave me away? The fact I work for a backyard water feature company?”

Planning to build a pond in Silver Spring

Laurie nods. “Yep! I was just waiting to see when you’d bring it up. So, what’s the plan?”

“Well, I want this pond to be a showcase. We can show it to potential clients of ours so they can see exactly what we can do for them. This means all the bells and whistles, a top of the line pond.”

“I like the sound of that! Let’s do it,” Laurie says. First, she wants to know how much it can cost to build a koi pond.

Building A Pond In Silver Spring

“This pond is going to have it all!”

Digging out the pond in Silver Spring

By all we mean:

  • Mystery waterfall (3 of them in fact)
  • Beach edge (never been done before)
  • Negative edge into a planting bog
  • Fountain urn built into the wall
  • Rain barrel water reclamation system
In the process of building the Silver Spring pond

It’s going to be 20-feet long and wide too. This leaves plenty of room for fish and aquatic plants. Leading into the pond is a 25-foot stream that runs into a bog.

Why do we need a bog, Andrew?” Andrew looks up at Laurie. “The bog helps filter the water so it stays clean and clear. The stream does too plus it aerates the water, helping the fish to breathe.”

One angle of completed pond

The size and multiple flows of water offer unique views from many different areas. No matter where you stand you get a fantastic view of something a little bit new.

“Speaking of standing, we’re also getting Premier Ponds to build a patio for us. It’ll be great for parties and relaxing next to our pond,” Andrew adds.

Building this pond in Silver Spring started in December 2013. It was up and running by Christmas, but constant snow and poor weather delayed it a lot. It wasn’t completely finished until April 2014. A project like this usually takes a team of 5 about 2 weeks to finish.

The Result

Celebrating the ponds completion

“$80,000 later and we have a paradise for our backyard,” Andrew says happily. Laurie grins too. “Personally, one of my favorite parts is the sound. It’s soothing, relaxing, and it helps drown out neighborhood noise.”

Now they just have to maintain it every so often so it stays a paradise.