The 5 Benefits Of Landscape Lighting You Won’t Want To Live Without

People Are Loving What Landscape Lighting Is Doing To Help Them Enjoy Their Outdoor Space More
A benefit of landscape lighting is it increases curb appeal

You’re right to see what benefits landscape lights have besides just being bright. When you’re thinking about spending this kind of money you want to make sure it’s worth it. 

In this post, you’ll find out what 5 benefits you can bring to your home with outdoor lighting.

Will They Be Worth It?

“Of course they will! You’ve seen what it did for our neighbors home,” says Christina.

Matt’s mouth forms a thin line. “I don’t know, I’m not sure of the cost of landscape lighting but I hear it’s kind of expensive. We’d have to get several benefits from them for it to be worth it to me.”

Christina smiles. “Well, then I have just the thing for you! There’s a blog post I found on a local contractor’s website that has 5 benefits of outdoor lighting on it.” She gets her phone out and starts searching for it.

“Aha! The benefits of landscape lighting. Here, take a look,” says Christina, handing her phone to Matt.

Here’s what he finds out:

The Benefits Of Landscape Lighting

Pathway lights bring safety benefits

You can use landscape lighting to expand your space, heighten curb appeal, increase your property’s value, highlight the best of your exterior, and increase safety. They can also help deter criminals because you and your neighbors can see your property more easily at night.

1. Expand Your Space

String lights brightening an outdoor living space is a great benefit of landscape lighting

One of the best benefits of landscape lighting is being able to make the most of your outdoor area.

Having an outdoor living space is amazing, except for when you can’t use it. For many, this happens as soon as night falls. It’s too dark outside to do anything without flashlights!

You can wind string lights through your pergola, illuminate your patio with landscape moon lighting, and enjoy making more memories with family and friends.

2. Heighten Curb Appeal

Landscape lighting up a homes front yard natural areas

Your home can be a dark shape in the night or a warmly lit and inviting space.

This is especially nice when you come home after a long, hard day. Your home can look like it’s been waiting to comfort you all day. Guests will love coming over too because of how nice it’ll look!

3. Increase Your Property’s Value

Backyard landscape lighting looking beautiful

One great benefit of outdoor lighting is the monetary increase.

Landscape lighting isn’t cheap, so in that respect, it increases how much you can sell your home for. But, what increases, even more, is the perceived value. Outdoor lighting looks amazing, people love it and want it, which makes your home more attractive.

Plus, you’ll enjoy your home even more!

4. Highlight The Best Of Your Exterior

Pathway and garden lights

We all have favorite parts of our home’s exterior.

With landscape lighting, you can see and show them off even at night. Whether it’s a prize rose bush, beautiful statues, or a water feature, lights will bring them to life.

5. Increase Safety

Flood lights can increase safety for homes

We’re not really talking about deterring criminals here.

While lights make it easier for you and neighbors to see any trespassers, lights also help you and your guests. Path lights brighten the way, driveway lights help people stay off of your grass, front door lights keep guests from standing in the dark, and more!

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“It’s hard to argue with that,” says Matt. “Can we look into this more before we call someone or make a decision?” Christina smiles and nods. “We sure can, there are plenty more blog posts on here to check out!”