Backyard Stream Designs You’ll Want For Your Maryland Home

Backyard Stream Designs You’ll Want For Your Maryland Home

Creating A Pondless Paradise For Backyards In Maryland, DC, And Northern Virginia

These backyard stream designs are ones clients had us do in their backyards. Some are long, flowing designs that run from the top of a large hill to the bottom. Others are smaller and only travel along semi-flat ground. You can even have one that ends in a waterfall splashing onto a rock and gravel bottom. There are many different backyard stream designs to choose from.  

Let’s find out which one appeals most to Karen and Jim.

“I’d like a water feature that isn’t as much work as a pond,” says Karen.

Karen is looking to improve her backyard by adding in a water feature. After seeing the one at her friend Lisa’s house she knew she needed one for her own.

“Really?” her husband, Jim, asks. “I just don’t want to have to keep up with the same amount of maintenance as she does,” Karen replies. “Spring, fall, and winter maintenance already have me past my work limit.”

“Well, how big of a water feature are you looking for?” Jim thoughtfully asks. “What do you mean, Jim?”

“Lisa has a little stream that falls into her pond, so why not just have the stream and waterfall part?” “I knew there was a reason I married you hon, you’re just so smart!” Karen beams. Jim blushes a little at the unexpected praise.

a small pond with a waterfall in the middle of it.

Karen continues, “I’m going to look at some stream pictures to see if there’s anything I like. Want to join me?” “Absolutely,” Jim replies with enthusiasm, “Especially if there are more compliments like that one.”

The couple sits down in front of their computer and starts looking at backyard stream designs.

A Large Backyard Stream Design

“Jim, look at this video, the stream is amazing!”

“Whoa,” Jim says in surprise. “That is one long stream, and so natural-looking too. How did they even do that? I mean, I saw the process in the video, but, wow.”

“All they need are some plants to go along the border and it’ll look like the house was built around the stream,” Karen says in wonder. “I’ve never seen anything like this! I didn’t even know what to expect but, wow,” she thinks to herself.

They continue on to other backyard stream designs.

Backyard Stream Designs For Flat Backyards

“Are there differences for flat and hilly backyard stream designs?” Karen insightfully asks.

Jim answers, “I’d guess the differences are how they actually have to make it and the shape it takes. Digging flat land versus on a hill definitely seem like different jobs. Regardless, these stream designs look awesome.”
“Well, since we have a large flat area and a hill, I guess we can do any of these backyard stream designs. I wonder if hilly stream designs are next.”

Designing Streams For Hilly Backyards

“How did you know?!” Jim says, raising his eyebrow.

“You know me, I’m just that good,” Karen says with a laugh. The smile freezes on her face as the next set of backyard stream designs scrolls into view:

Even Jim is at a loss for words. Karen manages to say, “I think I know what we’re going to get for our backyard, don’t you, dear?” Jim only nods in agreement, until something about one of the pictures catches his eye.

“Hon, take a look at the one on the right. The waterfall isn’t splashing into a pond or anything, it’s just rocks and gravel. That’s exactly what we want!” Jim says gleefully. “Well, since we’re in agreement,” Karen says, “let’s start looking for someone to build this backyard stream design for us.”

Karen and Jim start looking for contractors who can bring their vision to life. Soon they’ll have their ideal backyard stream design to relax beside. Will you?