Unique Backyard Pond Renovation In Ellicott City, MD

Unique Backyard Pond Renovation In Ellicott City, MD

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a cat sitting on a brick walkway next to a pond.

On a hot August day in Ellicott City Maryland, Premier Ponds took an old worn down backyard pond and turned it into something special. From the start this Maryland koi pond renovation was out of the ordinary.

At some point in history a preform pond was sunk in the ground and a brick patio was built over top of 2 edges of the plastic tub. This made our job tricky. We couldn’t disrupt the patio, but we had to make the pond functional again. At the same time we had to be sure to match the homeowner’s vision of paradise.

Uncovering Problems

a sink that is in the middle of some dirt.

We began by draining the old pond and found our biggest challenge. The pond had been settling over the years due to heavy rock placed on the back plastic edges. To make things worse, we found some cracks that were causing the pond to leak.

The leaking water would pool beneath the plastic tub, effectively trying to push it out of the ground. To fix all of this, the tub would have to have holes cut in the bottom and a drainage system put in place before we dropped a new rubber liner over it.

The Process

a black bag filled with lots of food.

The Process

Before dropping the liner we had to put an under pond drainage system in. This would give us a way to suck or pump any water out from under the liner if needed in the future without having to take the pond apart.

It should be at least 60cm above the water and the hole size should be 2.5cm or less. This way herons can’t put their beaks through, which is great because sometimes they’ll just attack the fish even if they can’t eat it.

You may not have to leave it up 24/7 though. It’s mainly in spring and fall when herons are a problem as this is mating and migration season.

a potted plant sitting on top of a pond filled with water.
After dropping the new liner we had to rock all the edges, install a new pump, plumbing, filter urn, 3 aquatic plants and 2 LED underwater lights. The result was amazing. In one day a frog became a prince. Now when the homeowner has a beautiful welcoming space waiting for them to enjoy anytime, day or night.
a garden pond with a large potted plant in it.

Our team at Premier Ponds loves doing projects like this one. In one day we can transform a yard into something amazing that will hopefully change the lives of the people that get to enjoy the space. Everyone deserves a low maintenance piece of paradise in their yard!


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