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How Do I Control Pond Algae?

Knowledge Is Power You must know about pond algae before you can control it. Not eliminate entirely, just control. Entire elimination is bad for a pond's ecosystem. Let me explain more about algae and it's importance. Learn more about the importance of aquatic plants What is pond algae? Algae is a plant that can be [...]

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Do I Need an Aerator in My Koi Pond?

Fish Can Drown?! Can't...breathe...need...oxygen!! Even fish can drown if there isn't enough oxygen for them to breathe in the water. For them to breathe, they need aeration, the process of adding oxygen to the water. No time to read the full article? Download your personal PDF copy of our guide, All About Koi Pond Aerators here. How [...]

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Review of the Aquascape IonGen System

Algae Does What? Algae breathe at night. During the day it produces oxygen, but at night it takes in oxygen and produces carbon dioxide. Pretty cool, right? Too bad it doesn't look that good: Algae can easily overtake your pond if it isn't controlled properly, throwing off the pond's ecosystem. Back in the day, it took [...]

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What’s Pond Beneficial Bacteria?

Is Bacteria Beneficial? Ew, that water has bacteria in it. Bacterial infections are the worst. Bacteria gets such a bad rap when really they can be good or bad. They're everywhere, inside and out. Even in your pond. Ponds benefit greatly from bacteria. Ponds give bacteria a place to live and bacteria keep ponds clear of [...]

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Spring Pond Cleaning Guide

Why Is Spring Pond Cleaning Essential? Mr. Clean wouldn't touch it, but Premier Ponds will. Ponds can get mucky and gross during winter, with algae, fish waste, dead plant matter, and other...things. This means that once all the snow and ice melts, it'll need a cleaning. A spring pond cleaning. Get all of the yuck [...]

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Do Ponds Need Gravel?

Ponds & Gravel Ponds need to look natural, right? People buy ponds to beautify their yard, but they don't want it to stick out like a pool does: unnaturally. Ponds bring nature closer to the home. So the last thing you want to see is an all-black liner bottom. It really shows that the pond [...]

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5 Benefits of a Backyard Pond

Why A Backyard Pond? Ponds are artwork for your backyard. They're an attraction that enhances backyards as well as lifestyles. Beauty, tranquility, relaxation, and fun are all terms relating to what a backyard pond brings to a home. But why should you get one? A backyard pond offers several benefits for you, your family, and [...]

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What Plants Go in Ponds?

Plant Oppression! Too much life is bad. A large number of plants will block sunlight and absorb too many nutrients, having a negative effect on the pond ecosystem. As long as you don't go overboard, your pond'll look as beautiful as it is healthy. 3 categories. That's how many types of plants normally go in [...]

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What is a Bog?

It's Good to be Bogged Down Ponds and bogs go hand in hand. Bogged down isn't usually a positive term, but it is when it comes to ponds! Bogs are beneficial to the pond ecosystem in a variety of ways. But what is a bog? Bogs are an area of soft, naturally waterlogged ground where [...]