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Premier Ponds vs. DC Department of Motor Vehicles

Building A Pond In Washington DC When it comes to building ponds, it's all about creating an at-home paradise. Home-owners call us so they can come home after a long day at work and enjoy the sights and sounds of running water. But what you may not see are all of the logistics that go [...]

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The Right Pond Company: 3 Things To Look For

The Premier Pond Company When it comes to building a pond in your yard, it's actually a very intimate experience. You're inviting someone into your home to build you a piece of paradise! Over here at Premier, we know what it's like to work with trade companies in all industries because we've all had them [...]

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Using Holy Water?

Franciscan Monastery Garden in DC The Franciscan Monastery is one of Washington DC’s hidden gems.  It includes gardens, replicas of various shrines throughout Israel, a replica of the catacombs in Rome, as well as beautiful gardens located on 42 acres. This peaceful oasis is located on 14th and Quincy streets in the Brookland neighborhood, near Catholic University and the Basilica of [...]

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My Cat Loves His Pond

So you think that only people enjoy ponds? Well I have some news for you. There a crazy cat in Frederick, Maryland that absolutely loves the backyard pond so much he thinks it’s his own. If he had his way he’d be out there pondside all the time watching and batting at the colorful fish. [...]

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Choosing The Right Pond Contractor

What happens when my pond contractor doesn’t deliver? So... you have an old pool in your yard and have decided to hire a contractor to convert it into an ecosystem style pond.  This is quite the task since a pool conversion is much harder to pull off than a normal pond renovation and much tougher [...]

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What is an Exploratory Pond Cleaning?

Exploratory and analyzation services are all the DC metro area for 2017 Let's run through a scenario: You are buying a home or have recently purchased one and it has a water feature/pond. Is it smart to hire a professional pond company to clean, access, and educate you on the system you have? Yes. Yes, [...]

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The worst day in the field still beats the best day in the office

An interview with Mike Kurylo and Andrew Lingan: When filming a video for this years Pondemonium, Aquascape’s CEO, Greg Wittstock, stopped by Premier Ponds to interview co-owners, Mike Kurylo and Andrew Lingan. Greg wanted to know about their journey from employees to co-owners, the comradery between the team, what has made them so successful and [...]

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Why are my pond plants turning yellow?

First off, plants are a huge part of the pond ecosystem and need to be there to make sure everything lives harmoniously. Pond plants also enhance the beauty of any water feature. So, when your pond plants aren’t healthy, you know it. One sign that there’s something wrong is yellowing leaves. Here are some of [...]

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Keep your fish safe and healthy with these two pond additions

So you live in Maryland or the D.C. area and you’re wondering how to keep your fish safe and healthy. Maybe you’ve been considering a remodel, or some alterations to improve the health and safety of your koi fish. Have you considered the addition of a few fish caves and proper aeration? With these beneficial modifications not [...]

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Why is my garden fountain green?

Why is my garden fountain green? Algae is a plant that can be as small as microscopic, all the way up to what is commonly known as seaweed. Aside from size, it can also look pretty different. It is usually either green, brown, or red. It is also very adaptive to it’s environment. The growth [...]

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