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What’s Pond Beneficial Bacteria?

Is Bacteria Beneficial? Ew, that water has bacteria in it. Bacterial infections are the worst. Bacteria gets such a bad rap when really they can be good or bad. They're everywhere, inside and out. Even in your pond. Ponds benefit greatly from bacteria. Ponds give bacteria a place to live and bacteria keep ponds clear of [...]

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Why Not To Use Pond UV Lights

Ultra Violet Light and Ponds UV lights totally filter ponds, right? They definitely make the water clearer, and clearer is cleaner! Nope. It's a common misconception that UV lights filter water and keep it clean. What pond UV lights do is help to provide clear water. Which is great, except that's all that they'll do. UV [...]

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Do Ponds Need A Bottom Drain?

Bottom Drains? Quick and easy answer, you don't need one. Bottom drains aren't necessary under certain conditions, so they can be a waste of money. It's important to know whether or not you need one because it can make a big difference in the health and look of your pond. Keep reading to find out why [...]

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Spring Pond Cleaning

Guide to Spring Pond Cleaning Spring is sprung, as is the cleaning. Not just for the indoor areas either. Ponds need a good sprucing up after winter, otherwise they won't look as good or be as healthy. To optimize your pond, you'll need a full cleaning. Read on to learn about full cleanings. Full Pond Cleaning [...]

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Do Ponds Need Gravel?

Ponds & Gravel Ponds need to look natural, right? People buy ponds to beautify their yard, but they don't want it to stick out like a pool does: unnaturally. Ponds bring nature closer to the home. So the last thing you want to see is an all-black liner bottom. It really shows that the pond [...]

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5 Benefits of a Backyard Pond

Why A Backyard Pond? Ponds are artwork for your backyard. They're an attraction that enhances backyards as well as lifestyles. Beauty, tranquility, relaxation, and fun are all terms relating to what a backyard pond brings to a home. But why should you get one? A backyard pond offers several benefits for you, your family, and [...]

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What Plants Go in Ponds?

Plant Oppression! Too much life is bad. A large number of plants will block sunlight and absorb too many nutrients, having a negative effect on the pond ecosystem. As long as you don't go overboard, your pond'll look as beautiful as it is healthy. 3 categories. That's how many types of plants normally go in [...]

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What is a Bog?

It's Good to be Bogged Down Bog your pond. Adding one will be beneficial to the pond ecosystem and can help you out too. Firstly, what is a bog? Bogs are an area of soft, naturally waterlogged ground where aquatic plants grow and filter the pond. They help remove excess nutrients from pond water, keeping [...]

Annual Cost of a Maryland Backyard Pond

Annual Cost of Backyard Ponds In Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia First Thing's First Choose wisely. A pond contractor service needs to have plenty of experience cleaning and maintaining ponds. Spring, fall, and winter all need different types of servicing and they need to be able to do them all. You'll know they're a good company [...]

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What Are The Most Popular Types Of Backyard Pond Fish?

Choose Your Fish! Fish Shady, Elvis Fishly, or James Pond. These are just 3 of the many names you can give to pond fish. Fish are one of the most popular reasons people have a backyard pond. Watching them slowly swim around or dart back and forth, feeding them, relaxing [...]

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