Small Backyard Water Feature Ideas You Will Love

Small Backyard Water Feature Ideas You Will Love

Bring A Natural-Looking Centerpiece To Your Yard In Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia
Which one do you think Dana and Peter will choose for their Maryland home? See the video below to get a glimpse of all 3.

You can use one or more of these 3 small backyard water feature ideas to create a beautiful new look for your backyard. These water feature ideas include spillway bowls, a fountain, or a pondless water feature. They can become a new centerpeice for your yard or they can be a great addition to it. You can bring the relaxing sight and sound of water to your home.

It’s Time For A New Centerpiece

“Peter, it’s time,” Dana says mysteriously.

Dana’s husband looks up from his morning newspaper, eyebrow popping with the question, “It’s time for what?”

The Process

“It’s time for a change,” Dana says decisively. “I’m tired of looking out over our small backyard and seeing what amounts to a large patch of grass with a couple of trees and plants. What’s unique that we can use as a new centerpiece for our yard?”

Dana’s question hangs in the air as she and Peter think quietly to themselves. “You know,” Dana breaks the silence, “the Jones’s have a nice little water feature in their yard.”

“A water feature, huh?” Peter thinks out loud. “Oh it’s so nice,” Dana begins, “It’s a little pondless waterfall and it looks so natural and the sound of the water is relaxing and peaceful. There are probably other options we can look at too.”

“Well, I guess the best place to look for small backyard water feature ideas is on the Internet. Let’s get on the computer and see what we can find, dear.”

The couple walks over to their computer and starts searching the Internet to find their ideal centerpiece.

“Where should we start looking, Google Images?”

Peter rubs his chin thoughtfully, saying “I guess we should look on pond contractors’ websites first, kinda like window shopping. We can see real examples of the work they’ve done that’s near us.”

“The Jones’ water feature was done by…Premier Ponds. Let’s start with them and see what their work looks like.”

1. Pondless Waterfalls And Streams As A Water Feature Idea For Small Backyards

“Wow, these pondless water features are great!”
“Can you imagine it, Peter? Walking out back and seeing a small winding stream with little waterfalls here and there, maybe even ending in a bigger waterfall…” Dana trails off wishfully.
“Personally, I really like the fact that they don’t take as much maintenance as a pond. They can be easier to install too,” Peter tells Dana. “True, true. Ooooo look here, Peter! Some of these small backyard water feature ideas have lights in them too!”
“That means we can see it at night too! I’ll bet they’re LED lights, which means we might even have a color-changing option,” Peter says excitedly. “Really?!” Dana says in disbelief, “That’s even better than I was hoping. Having a purple or blue waterfall sounds amazing.”
“It does, but let’s not get too invested right away. These pictures of pondless water features are great, but let’s look at some other options too.”

2. Fountains

“Look at all the pictures of outdoor fountain styles here,” Peter notes.

“Stacked slate urns, normal urns, more fountain-y looking fountains, and probably custom ones too plus they range in size!” Dana gushes.

“Depending on the prices we could get more than one. This is definitely one of the more flexible small backyard water feature ideas.”

“Flexible as in a larger one for the backyard and a smaller one for the front door, right?” Peter guesses. Even fountains can be large or small. “Exactly, dear. You read my mind yet again,” Dana says warmly. You can also add fountains to any current water features you have. They’re great in pond basins or at the top of streams and waterfalls.

You can also pair lights with fountains.

“Hey, what’s this one here that gets special attention?”

3. Spillway Bowls

“It’s like a fountain, but not,” Dana observes.

“Whatever it is, I like it,” Peter responds. “It’s classy, elegant, and all-around beautiful.”

“Sounds like you’re already sold on the spillway bowls as our small backyard water feature idea,” Dana says with a small smile. “Well, yeah, maybe I am. If we can work it into our budget it’d be great as part of a stream or waterfall,” he admits.

More Resources For You

“Let’s learn about pondless water features a little before we start thinking about buying one,” Dana reels Peter back. “Alright, let’s learn a little more first,” he agrees.

The couple continues doing their research, determined to find their ideal small backyard water feature idea.


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  1. My mom and I are trying to add some cute things to her garden. I loved what you said about fountains coming in lots of different sizes and shapes! I would love to find one that will fit on her patio.

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