3 Best Landscape Lighting Brands And Materials For 2020

Love Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Landscape Lighting More With The Best Brands And Fixture Materials
Landscape light fixture

These are the 3 landscape lighting brands and materials that we use for all of our clients. Our absolute favorite (and best) outdoor light comes from Unique Lighting Systems.

Find the rest of the details below-

Only The Best…

“…for the best!”

Madison smiles at Brad’s compliment. Their anniversary’s coming up soon and she wants landscape lighting for their home as their gift. She and Brad agreed to shop for quality instead of price.

A benefit of landscape lighting is it highlights key points

“Now I just have to find what kind of outdoor lights I want. I mean, I know I want the best because they’ll work and look the best. I just don’t know what they are…”

Brad looks over at her. “Ask Google, it seems to know the answers to almost anything.”

Madison nods in agreement as she slips out her phone. Brad scooches closer to her as she searches ‘best landscape lighting brands’ and ‘best landscape lights’ on Google.

Here is what they find-

The Best Outdoor Lighting Brands And Fixtures

The 3 best landscape lighting brands are Unique Lighting Systems, Kichler Landscape Lighting, and FX Luminaire. The best fixtures from these brands are the brass, stainless steel, and aluminum ones. Any combination of these brands and lights look good and are durable.

“There’s more info on these brands and fixtures further down,” Madison says scrolling downward.

Wall sconce light fixture

The Best Landscape Lighting Brands

Unique Lighting Systems

“Looks like Unique is this contractor’s personal favorite brand.”

Unique Lighting Systems creates beautiful, durable landscape lights. They have weather resistant options like brass (which we love and use the most). There is a wide range of designs, they’re always improving their lights and fixtures, plus they have a lifetime warranty guarantee.

Brass lights from Unique Lighting Systems

“No wonder they use this landscape lighting brand. Oh, and check out this review on them.”

…Your variety of products, from transformers to lighting fixtures is remarkable, and the quality of your products is unsurpassed. We are especially impressed with the professionalism, knowledge and friendliness of your personnel…”
 – Linda and David Koffler, Unique Lighting Systems

Kichler Landscape Lighting

“These guys also sound great!”

Kichler is one of the best landscape lighting brands
Picture taken and modified (no labels) from http://www.kichler.com/products/category/outdoor-lighting.aspx

Kichler is a leader in the landscape lighting industry. They have an amazing selection at a great value and they stand behind the quality. Their customer service is top-notch as well.

“We have been using Kichler lighting fixtures for more than two years. With the dozens of manufacturers in the marketplace, we find Kichler has been the best selection and value.”
– Reed Vienna, Virginia, Kichler Reviews

FX Luminaire

“Looks like these guys are the teachers here.”

FX Luminaire has a wide repository of learning materials, brochures, and the like. They have a wide line of products including cool new technologies.

“Neat! Now let’s learn about the best materials for landscape lights.”

The Best Materials For Landscape Light Fixtures


Brass is a durable material made from copper and zinc. The elements won’t corrode it either. Instead, the brass will slowly turn darker over time. They are more expensive than other materials but they look better for longer.

“Looks like we’ll be getting these for now,” Madison notes.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel provides a modern look (if you can see the actual fixture at all). It has a layer of chromium oxide that keeps it from corroding, but sand and dirt can compromise it.

“And we’ll have to clean it a lot to make sure it stays that way,” Brad sighs. He doesn’t want to have to maintain the lights any more than he has to.


Aluminum fixtures are very affordable but aren’t the best quality. It doesn’t hold up well outdoors unless it has a powder coating. 

What Kind Of Fixtures Will They Get?

Brad and Madison look at each other. “Unique brass,” they say in unison. They smile at each other, glad they’re on the same page. Now they just need to decide if they’ll DIY the project or hire a landscape lighting company.