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3 Best Koi Pond Maintenance Companies In Maryland

Finding the best koi pond maintenance companies can be a hassle, which is why we are trying to make them easier for you to find.

Our findings revolve around our research on customer reviews involving satisfaction with not only the final product but the experience of getting it too. It can be hard to enjoy a new koi pond if it involves bad communication, a constantly messy yard, and the other problems that can pop up with contract work.

Thankfully, these 3 koi pond maintenance companies don’t seem to follow that trend.

Award for the best koi pond maintenance companies in Maryland and Northern Virginia

Atlantic Ponds

From reading around their website it seems like Atlantic ponds know what they’re doing when it comes to backyard ponds. They have the proper process for cleaning koi ponds (we know because it’s almost exactly like ours) and recommend similar services. This means they have to be one of the good koi pond maintenance companies in Maryland.

They do not have an “About Us” page so we can’t tell you anything about them other than their customer reviews reveal happy customers:

Google Review
5 Stars

“Martin was very responsive and great to work with. Pricing was clear and reasonable. They cleaned our pond and assessed issues with our motor – ultimately replacing it with a new one they supplied. Pond looks and works great now. We look forward to using Atlantic Ponds as our regular service provider going forward!”

  • Tam C

Arbor Ridge Services, LLC

Travis Dietle, owner and operator, has been in the landscaping game since he was born (it’s a family business). His love of the outdoors, improving landscapes, and hydraulics all come together in this company where he can have all 3.

The company’s focus is on enhancing people’s landscapes via ponds, which involves maintaining them too:

Google Review
5 Stars

“We have enjoyed our pond for nearly 20 years, but the last 2 years in Arbor Ridge’s care have made it almost unrecognizably better. We subscribed to year round care this year, 12 visits that seem to come at just the point of need, every time. Travis is good at what he does, courteous, and responsive. Really, really good.”

  • Richard Jones

Premier Ponds

Give us a chance before you scroll away.

Do you know how hard it was for us to find other pond maintenance companies with great reviews in both product and customer service? We only found 2 others that fit our criteria: Atlantic Ponds and Arbor Ridge Services.

As for us, well, we’re going to let the reviews do the talking instead:

Google Review
5 Stars

“Premier Ponds installed my pond a few years ago and everything has been going great to date.  Today was my first Spring cleaning and Andrew and TJ teed up the ball and slammed it out of the park!  They arrived on time, explained everything that they needed to do, asked me what my requirements were and took it from there.  They worked extremely hard and efficiently in order to beat out the weather and so I could get on with my schedule. Andrew offered great guidance on plant placement and where to purchase additional Koi.  Overall, I can’t say enough about these guys. I was a bit reluctant to purchase the Spring cleaning in the beginning as I complete a lot of the work myself, but I can safely say, the cleaning was worth every penny.  If you already own a pond and need either a full cleaning or just a spruce up like I needed, don’t think about it any longer, call Andrew and TJ, you won’t be disappointed!”

  • Steven Parides

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Want To Learn More About Pond Maintenance?

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