3 Backyard Waterfall Ideas To Make Your Backyard Amazing

3 Backyard Waterfall Ideas To Make Your Backyard Amazing

Make Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Backyard Unique And Beautiful Without Adding A Ton Of Maintenance

You can hear it splashing and burbling, watch it flow and tumble, and enjoy the benefits of a waterfall in your backyard. They inspire beauty, capture the imagination, and can make anywhere look magical.

Here is an example of a beautiful pondless waterfall clients of ours had us build for their dream home:

This is where you can learn about 3 different styles of waterfalls for your backyard. To be honest, they are not the only ones, just our personal favorites because of how they can transform a home. You can take a look at these backyard waterfall ideas for yourself.

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Sheet Waterfalls

The water flows over a flat stone in a thin curtain, splashing into the water beneath it. The sound is clearer, more echoing, perfectly disguising the noise from the road. This is a sheet waterfall.

The thin water allows anyone to see the beautiful stonework beneath and with LED lights behind it, it can look even better!

Natural Waterfalls

These waterfalls can make it look like your home was built around the waterfall. The water splashes and cavorts down the rocks in a seemingly chaotic pattern, but it was carefully designed by engineers.

Multiple Drop Waterfalls

If they both seem amazing, you can have both! The water tumbling down the rocks, over a ledge into a sheet, and onto the next level as it flows towards the bottom. Multiple drop waterfalls are a great mixture of natural looking and sheet waterfalls.

Which Idea Is Your Favorite?

Any of these ideas can help transform your backyard into a personal paradise. Whether it’s a place for you to relax or an area to spend time with those closest to you, a backyard waterfall can give it to you. But, maybe you want something else to enhance your yard.

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