3 Actions For What To Do With Your Unwanted Pond

3 Actions For What To Do With Your Unwanted Pond

Don’t Let Your Pond Devalue Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Home

Is it just sitting there, taking up precious space in your backyard? At least it still looks kind of nice, right?

Not many pond owners enjoy looking at a pond that doesn’t work or looks how they want it to. It can drain your time, energy, and money trying to get it just the way you want it. You may even be constantly stressing out over what to do with this mess in your yard.

Stressing out over the look of your home is not fun, our clients let us know this all the time. As home and pond owners ourselves, we understand exactly what that’s like.

At the least, we can give you a way out of this stress as we did for this pond owner in Laurel, Maryland:

There are 3 solutions for what to do with an unwanted pond. You can do nothing but that’s just more of the same stress. There’s always filling it in, though that may cost more than you like. Or you can take our favorite route and transform your unwanted pond!

So it’s either build up stress by doing nothing, pay more to cover it up or transform your unwanted pond into something you’ll absolutely love.

Let’s go into more detail so you can decide which option would be best for you.

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1. Doing Nothing With Your Pond

You can continue to look outside day after day wondering if your pond will be any worse than it was the day before.

It will be. You may not be able to notice it, but below the surface, there could be many issues slowly getting worse like algae building up, filters becoming blocked, and plants taking over:

there is a rock in the middle of the grass.

You’ll eventually have an eyesore pond pit instead of a piece of paradise.

Instead of waiting around for this to happen, you can take action! To be honest, we aren’t huge fans of the next option but we like to give all the options so you can do what’s best for you.

2. Filling In Your Pond

It’s always a sad day at Premier Ponds when we hear about a pond getting filled in.

You’re probably experiencing the same feelings as the others who’ve done this: frustration, stress, even hopelessness. The easiest way out seems like filling in the waste of space pond you have.

a garden tool is stuck in the dirt.

Of course, it can cost you, and not just money either. You won’t be able to experience the joys of having a fully functioning pond:

  • Relaxing outside next to it on warm summer days
  • Joining kids as they explore your pond’s unique ecosystem
  • The calming sounds of water flowing, trickling and falling downward

If you have these benefits and you still want to fill it in then more power to you! Whatever it takes for you to have your ideal backyard.

Although, maybe you should take a look at how you can transform your unwanted pond into the water feature you’ve always wanted.

3. Transforming An Unwanted Pond

This is where we get excited!

You can turn your unwanted pond into the highlight of your yard if not your entire home. There are a few ways you can do it to:

  • Renovate your pond so it looks the same but functions smoothly and stays low maintenance so you can work less to enjoy more
  • Transform your pond into a pondless water feature so it’s even less work
  • Turn your unwanted pond into a fountainscape for a totally new look
a blue vase filled with flowers sitting on top of a pond.
a water fountain surrounded by flowers and a fence.
All of these options are designed to try and help you keep your water feature. You did have a reason for wanting it in the first place right? Rediscover that reason, transform your unwanted pond into the paradise you imagined it would be.

You can read about our transforming a pond into a pondless water feature >>

What’s Your Reason?

Why did you install a water feature or buy a home with one in the first place? There had to be something about it that caught your eye and we would love to know what it was, and hopefully can be again.

Let us know in the comments below.