12 Above-Ground Koi Pond Ideas To Create an Outdoor Oasis

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The beauty and tranquillity of koi ponds have stood the test of time, transcending geographical boundaries and culture for centuries. Backyards, gardens, and professional spaces can reap the benefits of a well-designed koi fish pond.

While many homeowners avoid installing an in-ground fish pond because of the associated cost and labor, above-ground koi ponds are increasing in popularity due to their portability and ease of customization. 

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Read on to learn more about options for installing an above-ground koi pond and discover the myriad koi pond design possibilities.

What Are the Advantages of an Above-Ground Koi Pond?

Fast and Affordable

Forget about waiting for digging permits and costly, time-consuming, labor-intensive pond building. An above-ground koi pond does not demand the same degree of commitment or expense.

As an added benefit, an above-ground pond costs a fraction of an in-ground pond and provides all the Zen benefits! Not only does an above-ground pond prove easier to install, but it is also much easier to clean and maintain.

Safer Than In-Ground Ponds

Traditional in-ground ponds present a drowning hazard for animals and small children. The above-ground pond design reduces the risk of accidental drowning.

Movable and Customizable

If you decide your traditional koi pond would look better in the far corner of your yard, you are out of luck. An above-ground koi pond can be disassembled and moved to a different location on or off your property. This feature goes far to add panache to your backyard, porch, or patio.

Consider These Above-Ground Koi Pond Design Ideas

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#1 Build a Pergola Around Your Koi Pond

The foliage of the pergola offers shade to your pond while blending with the surrounding greenery of your backyard. The base of the pond can be any neutral-colored stone that blends with the organic feel of this design.

#2 Incorporate Unconventional Building Materials

Above-ground koi fish ponds have a modern appearance by default. Frame the glass pond with organic materials such as wood, twigs, or bamboo to create a unique look that appears both modern and natural. 

#3 Koi Pond Design Built With Brick or Stone

Choosing a pale or neutral-colored stone or brick for the base and frame of the pond will make the color of the koi fish pop. Incorporating a variety of stone sizes will give the pond more of an earthy appearance, while earth-colored bricks evoke a more classic, modern look.

#4 Incorporate a Window

If the walls of your pond are opaque, incorporate a window to allow for more viewing space and a touch of whimsy as you glimpse the koi fish darting about underwater.

#5 Modern Minimalist Design Koi Pond

Set your koi pond in a smooth white stone base for a mesmerizing minimalist design. Add pale gravel and assorted greenery to bring balance and flow to the design. 

#6 Asian Style Above-Ground Koi Pond

As the koi pond originated in China, creating an above-ground koi pond with Chinese characteristics in mind is a natural fit. The Chinese design theme works with most materials, so incorporate bold reds for the base and frame of the pond and complete the look with shrubs and Chinese statues.

#7 A Built-In Patio Pond

Pond connected to patio

Elevate your outdoor living by building a koi pond on your porch or patio. The design possibilities are endless—installing your pond into a covered area of your patio provides shaded areas for the viewers and the fish. Glass pond walls offer the best viewing and create the illusion of an endless waterfall. The same effect is possible with a brick-walled fish pond by incorporating a viewing window.

#8 Overflow-Design Koi Pond

An above-ground koi pond with a frameless glass design creates the “overflow” appearance, adding an element of spaciousness. This open design works well with a shallow above-ground pond, creating the illusion of enhanced width and dimension of the pond. The overflow design also allows a full view of the fish. Complete the look with water plants and simple greenery.

#9 “Glass Gate” Above-Ground Koi Pond

A wall of glass at the center portion of the pond, encompassed by stone construction on either side, creates an optical illusion of a glass gate. This design works best on taller above-ground ponds.

#10 Incorporate a Fountain With Outdoor Lighting

If you have a dedicated outdoor living space, why not add an above-ground koi pond as the centerpiece? With a thick brick or stone construction and glass windows on three sides, you can install bar stools around the pond and watch the fish while spending time with friends and family. Add a fountain for ambiance and outdoor lighting to keep the party going after the sun goes down.

#11 Bring Your Koi Pond Indoors

If you have the indoor space to accommodate an above-ground koi pond, why not create a Zen room with the fish pond as your focal point. Select an area with lots of natural light and add simple, comfortable furnishings. Incorporate a water fountain and tile backsplash to add grandeur to the space and adorn the room with lush greenery to complete the look.

An indoor above-ground pond also ensures a comfortable year-round temperature for the koi fish.

#12 Semi-Circle Koi Pond

A tall glass wall built into a stone or brick semi-circle creates a distinctive-looking above-ground koi pond. If the pond is taller than the surrounding structures, it will be an impressive focal point in the outdoor space. Add a fountain and adorn the top of the stone frame with flowers and shrubs to complete the look.

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