Parade of Ponds

Each year Premier Ponds hosts a pond tour. Come see different water features that have been built in recent years. You will see ponds, streams, fountains, and unique beautiful landscapes.

Mark Your Calendars! Parade of Ponds is having two tours for 2014!

The first tour will be held Saturday, June 28th in Silver Spring, MD.

A second tour will be held on Saturday, July 26th in Frederick, MD.

We have several new ponds and water features for this year along with some perennial favorites on display for anyone interested in viewing them.

Check Back on this page for the Map link as the events get closer!

There will be a link to the Google Maps below that include the address and a brief description of each property. There are a few of ponds that have restricted hours and days so please see notes for each. In addition, there may be some last minute updates so you may want to wait to print until the day before the parade.


For inquiries about the Parade, please call Steve at 301-821-7777.

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 Parade of Ponds