Welcome to Premier Ponds

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    A pond can blend seamlessly with nature
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    Even in winter, a waterfall can be beautiful
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    Everyone loves a pond
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    A pond can be as elaborate - or simple - as you like
We are a locally owned and operated company dedicated to the exclusive specialty of water features. This includes ponds, “pondless” water features, waterfalls, bubbling urns and water gardens.

We are a full service pond company:

  • Build
    • Design
      • Repairs
        • Renovation
          • Maintenance
            • Consultation

Would you go to a general practitioner for a heart problem?

Then why go to a landscaping company for your pond needs?

At Premier Ponds we only do water features!

Our specialty is creating low or no maintenance water features. We also provide fish, plants and lighting.  Our owner, Steve, has over 30 years in the aquatics field. He has a unique set of skills with an extensive knowledge of everything “water”.  We design the feature and then build it ourselves. Who you meet on the consultation is also the one who comes out and builds the water feature.  Our creativity, passion and innovation will allow us to exceed your expectations and overcome any challenges.

We love what we do!

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0 Welcome to Premier Ponds
0 Welcome to Premier Ponds
0 Welcome to Premier Ponds

Water features transcend people of all ages and beliefs. It creates a gathering spot in the yard for all to enjoy. These ecosystems will bring you closer together with your family as well as discovering the wonders of Mother Nature.  Water features provide soothing sights and sounds that help you relax and de-stress in today’s fast paced world.